Cluster Mailbox Types

A term commonly thrown around in the commercial mailbox industry by the general public is cluster mailbox. Most feel that a cluster mail receptacle is a mailbox that is locking and accommodates more than one tenant. Cluster mailboxes typically are categorized into four different commercial mailbox styles which are cluster box units, 4C mailboxes, horizontal mailboxes, and vertical mailboxes. Below we have given brief summary of the different type of cluster mailboxes.

cluster box unitCluster Box Units

Cluster box units are the preferred mail receptacle for centralized delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. Cluster boxes are an outdoor pedestal mailbox that facilitates more efficient delivery for the USPS. The cluster box unit is front loading for both the tenants and the mail carrier. The security of the commercial cluster box unit was updated when specification 1118-F was enacted by the Postal Service to further combat identity theft. Cluster box units today represent approximately half of the commercial mailbox marketplace.

4C mailbox4C Mailboxes

4C mailboxes are available in recessed, surface, or pedestal mounted options. Additionally the 4C horizontal mailbox can be installed into a mailbox kiosk. 4C mailboxes are required for wall installation mail receptacles for all new construction per regulation USPS-STD-4C. Many commercial mailbox insiders consider the 4C mailbox as the best receptacle in the marketplace. 4C mailboxes are offered by most suppliers in an array of finish choices.

Horizontal Mailboxescluster mailbox

Horizontal mailboxes used to be the approved mail receptacle for wall installations until STD-4C mailboxes entered into the marketplace. Currently, horizontal mailboxes are USPS approved for replacement purposes only. There is also significant market for private application horizontal mailboxes. Private use horizontal mailboxes can be seen often in UPS stores, universities, and inner office mail rooms to name a few of the applications.

vertical mailboxVertical Mailboxes

Vertical mailboxes are often seen smaller apartment and office complexes. Vertical mail receptacles are offered in recessed, semi-recessed, and surface mounting styles. The vertical mailbox has been around in the commercial mail receptacle marketplace for over a half a century and is slowly being phased out by manufacturers per postal direction. Vertical mailboxes are USPS approved for replacement purposes only.

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