Commercial Mailbox Buyers Enjoy the Benefit of 4C Mailboxes

4C mailboxes are quickly becoming the centralized mail receptacle of choice for many postal specialty buyers. Potential buyers are quick to point out some of the benefits the 4C mailbox offers that make it a unique commercial mailbox. Many first time buyers often don’t realize that commercial mailbox manufacturers and suppliers are often limited on the options they can provide end users due to postal regulations and manufacturing constraints.  All this being said many industry insiders believe that 4C mailboxes and related products address many of the concerns of end users and buyers.commercial mailbox

Security is assured with 4C Mailboxes

As we began the 21st Century security of the mail vaulted into the forefront for commercial mailboxes. The U.S. Postal Service the governing body for all centralized mailboxes made it clear in their mail receptacle specifications and their certifying actions that the days of easy targeting for identity theft were over.  STD-4C mailboxes as a result feature robust construction, high quality occupant locks, additional protection for the mail carrier access door, and aggressive seam tolerances to prevent prying. The addition of these security features coupled other measures make the 4C mailbox the highest security commercial mailbox in the marketplace.

4C Mailboxes Provide the Ultimate in Flexibility

Many commercial mailbox insiders seem to agree on is that previously released centralized mail receptacles did not provide enough versatility. The release of the 4C mailboxes changed this. Buyers could get single, double, triple, and even quadruple high tenant door sizes to accommodate the mail volume needs of the ultimate end users. In addition, STD-4C mailboxes offer the buyers to choose different size parcel lockers and outgoing mail compartments.  In addition commercial mailbox buyers have a wider range of door identification and finish choices.

Mounting Options Evolve for 4C Mailboxes

Initially, 4C mailboxes were offered to the marketplace in recessed mount only which quickly changed. Buyers and end users began to demand more mounting options like surface, pedestal, and kiosk mount and shortly thereafter commercial mailbox manufacturers added these mounting alternatives with Postal Service’s blessing. The addition of these mounting choice has spurred the growth of STD-4C mailboxes faster than many anticipated. The growth of the 4C mailbox is expected to continue and possibly flourish more if the USPS certifies the 4C pedestal mailbox.

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