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The commercial mailbox marketplace can be confusing for someone who does not purchase mail receptacles on a regular basis. The U.S. Postal is the governing body for all centralized mailboxes that a Postal Service delivers mail to. Having the USPS as the governing body in the commercial mailbox industry offers the consumer many benefits and some occasional unforeseen drawbacks. USA Building Supplies a leader in the centralized mailbox industry is here to provide valuable insights to help you through you next commercial mailbox purchase.

Most industry professionals would categorize commercial mailboxes as cluster box units, 4C horizontal mailboxes, horizontal mailboxes, or vertical mailboxes. Cluster box units are currently the only USPS Endorsed pedestal mailbox. 4C horizontal mailboxes are the USPS Approved wall installation mailboxes for new construction. Horizontal and vertical mailboxes are USPS-4B+ compliant which means they are sanctioned by the USPS for replacement or remodel only. Now that you know the different types of commercial mailboxes and their USPS classification we will summarize some of benefits and drawbacks of each centralized receptacle.

Cluster Box Units

Cluster box units are made in accordance with USPS specification 1118-F. Currently, there are six different configurations that are approved by the USPS. Postal regulations prohibit the modification of the preset configurations of cluster box units.  Because of the Postal Service’s lack of flexibility in terms of configuration the general public has sometimes felt hamstrung. Despite the public feeling limited on their pedestal mailbox choices almost everyone agrees that the cluster box is a well-constructed receptacle and does offer numerous features that the public and the Postal Service can enjoy.

4C Horizontal Mailboxes

4C horizontal mailboxes are manufactured to comply with USPS-STD-4C regulation for wall installation mail receptacles. The goal of the USPS when enacting this regulation was have mail receptacle to better reflect the needs of 21st century postal customers and to slowly phase out the outdate horizontal and vertical mailboxes. The 4C mailbox is currently USPS sanction and approved for recess, surface, and mail kiosk mounting applications. 4C pedestal mailboxes which are a recent addition to the marketplace by several commercial mailbox manufacturers require local USPS approval to use for U.S. Mail delivery. The general public and postal specialty manufacturers are hoping the Postal Service comes through with national certification for 4C pedestal mailbox so there are other alternatives to the cluster box unit.

Vertical or Horizontal

Vertical and horizontal mailboxes that are USPS-4B+ compliant can be utilized for replacement or remodel installations only according to the letter of law of postal regulations. Horizontal and vertical mailboxes have less accommcommercial mailboxodating door sizes to today’s mail than the current approved commercial mailbox models being cluster box units and 4C mailboxes. In addition, the mail security for horizontal and vertical receptacles is not nearly as aggressive as the current USPS endorsed cluster mailboxes. Despite the previously mention drawbacks of the horizontal and vertical mailboxes they are sometime the best option when replacing similar products due to wall space, and renovation cost.

One would think buying a commercial mailbox is easier than it is, however just like an industry there is more to it than meets the eye. The combination of the Postal Service, postal specialty manufacturers and the general public make more interesting than most would believe.

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