Commercial Mailbox Manufacturers Respond to Market Adversity

The great recession late in the first decade of the 21st Century forced manufacturers of centralized mail receptacles to rethink their company’s visions to navigate the rough waters ahead. The commercial mailbox industry is made up of less than a handful of major manufacturers and gaining significant additional market share is uncommon, therefore the manufacturers began to think out of the box. Were there any private applications within their existing product line that they were missing? Was there a product line that they could enter and achieve success swiftly? Commercial mailbox manufacturer executives pondered these questions and responded with a new product line what commonly called a cell phone storage locker today. The commercial mailbox manufacturers caught an additional break because the current leader in cell phone cabinets had ran into financial problems and was battling to just keep their doors open as a result of losing the license to produce cluster box units.

Cell Phone Lockers Had Few Barriers of Entry for Manufacturerscell phone storage locker

Cell phone cabinets have provided a few of the industry manufacturers with just the right remedy to right the ship during the construction downturn over the past decade. Manufacturer executives rave of about the ease that they were able to enter the mini storage locker market, which comes as no surprise being that they are used to dealing with the Postal Service’s commercial mailbox certification process. The mini storage locker which is primarily used for storage of small prized items was merely an extension of the manufacturer’s existing horizontal mailbox product lines. This allowed the manufacturers to use existing tooling, templates, and inventory with few process modifications to build what today is called cell phone storage lockers. Because of the unyielding success of the cell phone lockers the manufacturers have been more than willing to adapt to additional product extensions with the product line which has resulted in making more finishes, lock types, and pre-configured models available. Most commercial mailbox manufacturers will tell you that they are more than delighted with results that these adaptions have made to the revenues of their cell phone locker product offering. 

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