Commercial Mailbox Supplier Expands Product Line

USA Building Supplies…a Supplier with a Promising Future

The commercial mailbox industry has become an industry over the last several years where profit margins and marketing channels have been diminished and blurred. USA Building Supplies’ management team decided to invest in tomorrow by diversifying their product line in the construction industry and other markets to reflect a 21st century vision. Read on to see the steps this innovative company has taken to ensure their future.

What kinds of products do multi-family general contractors and developers, homeowner associations, other related organizations need besides centralized mailboxes? That was the question USA Building Supplies asked themselves before putting together a more comprehensive product line. Through the years contractors had expressed interest in finding a more full line supplier for postal specialties, restroom partitions, fire extinguisher cabinets, entrance mats, building and apartment numbers and more, so the project manager could fill out one purchase order and save time on these smaller ticket items for their construction project. USA Building listened and now offers all the previously mentioned division 10 products and more for clients to purchase.

Another question USA Building Supplies’ management team pondered after the recent residential housing crash was how to protect the company’s best interests moving forward. The conclusion reached by USA Building Supplies was the necessity to expand their product offerings to other markets. Commercial mailbox manufacturers offered the first the first break to USA Building Supplies by coming out with a new innovative product that is today commonly called cell phone lockers. Cell phone cabinets were extremely popular as 21st century began and portable devices capabilities expanded. The management team then began to field requests from customers for laptop lockers which seem like natural progression. Therefore, USA Building Supplies acted and deployed their new Tek Stak laptop lockers which have been a smashing success. The next move made by USA Building Supplies leadership group was to offer mail sorters and related accessories that their mailroom clientele had been requesting for years. According to the USA Building Supplies’ owner you can look for more mail shipping room products including mail carts, mail hampers, and more literature organizers in the very near future.

Warehouse Material Handling Products

What does the future hold for USA Building Supplies? The success of the mail and shipping product lines has brought on other customer company departments such as warehouse and safety professionals inquiring about products. Because of this USA Building Supplies is expected to launch a full line of products including storage cabinets, safety cabinets, shelving, material handling products, pallet trucks and more as we move through 2015. USA Building Supplies’ management has stressed that they will still happy to service their cluster mailbox clientele while they virtually guarantee their future.

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