Commercial Mailbox Suppliers Move toward Greater Product Diversification

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Changing times in the centralized mailbox marketplace has resulted in many suppliers expanding their product offerings. As well documented in many publications the U.S. Postal Service faces many challenges moving forward, and business owners that carry products related to the mail have been diversifying their businesses at light speed. One well known supplier USA Building Supplies has expanded their line with additional postal products, division 10 products, apartment numbers, cell phone lockers, laptop lockers, mail sorters and more. 
USA Building Supplies’ addition of a full line of electronic mini lockers has added revenues due to increased awareness for building security throughout the United States. The most popular electronic device cabinet Ulaptop lockersSA Building Supplies offers is the locking cell phone locker. Cell phone cabinets have become a necessity due to technologically advanced cell phone features which allow capturing and sending data simple. Cell phone cabinets are offered in variety of configurations, finishes, compartment sizes and locking mechanisms. Another growing electronic device cabinet that is beginning gain sales volume for USA Building Supplies is the locking laptop lockers. USA Building Supplies offers laptop lockers in both charging and non-charging styles. A full range of sizes and additional features of USA Building Supplies’ locking laptop cabinets are available.

Division 10 products and site amenities product offerings have grown as suppliers chase down the buyers that want to bundle their purchase. An example of a bundled purchase would be a general contractor who purchases a cluapartment numbersster box unit, restroom stalls, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and all of the restroom accessories needed for their construction project. USA Building Supplies has found that this bundled buyer will even come back for site amenities like apartment numbers, message boards, key control cabinets, and more later as they are finishing up the construction project.

Commercial mailboxes are essentially an organized way to deliver the mail to different residents with security in mind. However, many customers at USA Building Supplies such schools, corporations, government offices and other have expressed a need for an interoffice document organizer that does not have to be necessarily secure. USA Building Supplies with that information has recently launched the mail master mail sorter product line with great success. Mail sorters or often called literature organizers feature pocket openings with removable and adjustable shelves. End users in the field rave about the versatility and flexibility of these mail organizers. 
As the electronic age continues to expand product diversification is becoming more crucial for all of the commercial mailbox suppliers. The days of carrying cluster mailboxes, vertical mailboxes, 4C mailboxes and other centralized receptacles are become virtually extinct. USA Building Supplies with their growing product line is poised to be a player in the centralized mailbox and other industries.

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