Dress Up Your Cluster Box Units

decorative cluster box unitThe E series cluster box unit was first introduced into the commercial mailbox marketplace at the beginning of the 21st Century to replace the outdated neighborhood delivery and collection box units. The security and design of the newly release cluster box unit was enhanced to prevent identity theft and reflect the size of 21st Century mail. The Postal Service, commercial mailbox suppliers, and end user all agreed that the new E series cluster box was an improvement for pedestal mailboxes. The E series cluster box unit was offered in postal gray finish which was neutral color to blend into most environments. Shortly after the initial release of the E series cluster box commercial mailbox suppliers started to receive inquires for a more upscale cluster box unit. The commercial mailbox buyers wanted a pedestal mailbox that was offered in more colors with more decorative look to reflect their upscale community they were building. The birth of the decorative cluster box units came from the public’s demand, however the Postal Service was slow to sanction additional colors into the marketplace. The first decorative cluster box and today the most popular one of this type of CBU is commonly called the Regency Cluster Box Unit.  The Regency Cluster Box consisted of a fluted pedestal and finial roof cap that made this pedestal mailbox the talk of the town.

Birth of the F Series Cluster Box Units Provides Additional Finishes & Decorative Styles

The rise in identity theft precipitated the USPS to move to replace the E series cluster box with the more robust F series cluster box unit. The introduction of this higher security cluster box unit went hand in hand with the USPS providing clearance to produce this pedestal mailbox in postal gray, sandstone, black, dark bronze, white, or forest green finishes. The commercial mailbox buyers were overjoyed with these additional appearance related alternatives. Furthermore the centralized mailbox manufacturers quickly responded making the decorative accessories available in these additional finishes as well.  Additional types of decorative cluster box units began to sprout up to provide more options to commercial mailbox buyers. The most popular new decorative cluster box was produced by Florence Manufacturing and is commonly called the classic cluster box unit. The classic cluster box unit featured a pillar style pedestal cover and crown roof cap which made the pedestal mailbox attractive for many buyers.

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