Horizontal Mailboxes for USPS Delivery and Private Use

Horizontal Mailboxes Bring Versatility to the Mailing Industry

Horizontal mailboxes are used for postal and private applications, but these postal receptacles will probably be used less often in the future for U.S. Mail delivery. In 2006, the USPS changed the postal regulation for wall installation mailboxes from USPS-4B+ compliant receptacles to USPS-STD-4C mailboxes for all new construction. Horizontal mailboxes for U.S. Mail delivery are still being manufactured by all of the commercial mailbox manufacturers today. USPS-4B+ compliant horizontal mailboxes are sanctioned by the USPS for replacement or remodel use; therefore there is still a significant market for this postal mailbox. In some circumstances, local postal officials may grant a variance to use a USPS-4B+ compliant horizontal mailbox when wall space is limited; however many times the post office will recommend a pedestal cluster mailbox to resolve this issue. USPS-4B+ compliant horizontal mailboxes are offered in front or rear load and in an assortment of finishes.

Private use horizontal mailboxes are utilized for delivery of the mail or other contents by someone other than a U.S. Postal Service employee. The master access door on a private use commercial mailbox is equipped with a private lock whereas the postal use horizontal mailbox comes prepared for the USPS provided master arrow lock. Private delivery post office boxes are typically more economical that USPS-4B+ compliant mailboxes because the commercial mailbox manufacturers are not bound to postal specifications. In addition, private use horizontal mailboxes are available in larger module frames to allow customers for more mailboxes in a given amount of wall space. Various lock choices and finish selections are offered for this type of postal mailbox.

Whatever the end use application for your horizontal mailbox is you will find this type of commercial mailbox to be very versatile. Horizontal mailboxes from all of the major centralized mailbox manufacturers have a variety of resident door and parcel locker door sizes. In addition, mail slots can cut into doors for outgoing mail or tenant doors if needed (private use only). USA Building Supplies carries a wide selection of horizontal mailboxes and will be happy assist you in any way.  

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