Laptop Lockers Utilized for Training Employees

laptop lockers

The electronic age makes things easier for corporate, government, and organization trainers but it also makes them more protective.  Each trainee is set up with either a laptop or tablet for hands on learning experience but few organizations want their intellectual property leaving the door when the new employee walks out the door at night. One company, USA Building Supplies feels it has found the answer to your worries with their innovative laptop lockers. The laptop cabinets are offered in charging and non-charging models which provides choices for the buyers. Charging laptop lockers are offered in five or ten compartment cabinets. Laptop lockers that do not provide the benefit of charging can purchased five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve compartment models.  The locking laptop cabinets are freestanding and can sit on the floor or on a tabletop. Both styles of laptop lockers can have door compartments equipped with keyed locks, electronic locks, or hasps for customer provided padlocks. In addition the laptop storage lockers are offered in an assortment of finishes therefore you can be certain that these cabinets will blend in with their surroundings. Finally potential buyers can add a storage drawer or a laminate top to their laptop cabinet to provide more versatility. All of these options and style of laptop lockers should be taken into consideration for your next purchase before your training session begins.

Laptop Cabinets allow you to buy as you grow or Volume Purchase

If you are not sure how laptop locker openings you need you can always purchase an additional cabinet later. USA Building Supplies provides buyers with plenty of models, options, and styles for you to pick from. Because the laptop lockers are assembled we always encourage volume purchases by buyers because they will save on freight to their facility. In addition, because this product can be bulky in nature we strongly recommend that you inspect your laptop lockers upon receiving them for damage promptly.

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