Mail Sorters Keep the Work Load Flowing

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their organization and distribution of documents and mail sorters from USA Building Supplies are a great way to accomplish this goal. It seems odd in the computer age that we are still trying organize and distributing documents but with computer crashes and need for hard copies, literature organizers are still a vital part of most companies operations. Whether it is for sales literature, shipping documents, or for internal mail distribution, the Mailmaster mail sorters are the choice for many potential clients because of their versatility.

Mailmaster Mail Sorters Provide a Wide Selection of Styles, Sizes, and Options

The staff at USA Building Supplies are always excited when a potential customer inquiries about one of their Mailmaster mail sorters because it gives then opportunity to rave about the flexibility of the product. USA Building Supplies’ sales team understands the importance of keeping your operations streamlined and is eager to point out the different advantages of these mail organizers. Potential customers can choose either a closed back or open back mail sorter to accommodate their needs. The difference between a closed back and open back mail sorter is a closed back unit allows access from one side versus an open back module provide access on both sides. Another option the potential clients need to decide is how the mail sorter will be mounted at their facility. Typically, a Mailmaster mail sorter module is either tabletop mounted, wall hung, or installed on top of a riser that resides on a table and elevates the sorter to allow for more work surface on the tabletop. A full range of finishes for these mail organizers are available for customer to pick from as well. Finally, it should be noted that all of USA Building Supplies mail sorters have adjustable and or removable shelves which provide the end user great in the field flexibility.

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