Many Taking the 4C Pedestal Mailbox Detour

Sometimes paths or roads to getting where you want to go are blocked and require another route to get to your destination. This scenario certainly holds true for buyers in the commercial mailbox industry and more particularly in recent times the 4C pedestal mailbox. The4C pedestal mailbox altered route is necessary many feel due to limited flexibility of the cluster box unit configurations available to the general public. While the benefits of having mass production and economies of scale of the cluster box are advantageous many feel the savings may not be worth the limitations. The 4C pedestal mailbox offers consumers a wider assortment of pre-configured models, customization options, and more options than the cluster box unit does, while still offering the security and durability. The sticking point for the 4C pedestal mail receptacle continues to be the lack of U.S. Postal Service certification, which it appears they are dragging feet on. Most feel the primary reason for the delay is the cluster box unit licensing agreement that pays the USPS a royalty for every commercial cluster box unit sale. However, the Postal Service points to smaller configurations requiring arrow lock installation, and lack of a consistent access door height on 4C pedestal mailboxes as additional sanctioning roadblocks. Most commercial mailbox insiders feel the royalty issues could be overcome through simple negotiation and in fact some have heard a rumor that one large mail receptacle manufacturer has already indicated they would be willing to offer the same royalty fee for 4C pedestal mailbox sales.

4C Pedestal Mailbox Not Always the Right Decision

Sometimes the risk of the detour isn’t worth taking. When looking at your pedestal mailbox alternatives it is sometimes still more beneficial to choose a cluster box unit. The reason for this is usually cost and the cooperation or lack thereof from the local Post Office. Quality commercial mailbox suppliers like USA Building Supplies experienced staff often lay out the pros and cons for the customer for their pedestal mailbox decision.

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