Package Drop Box Buyer's Checklist


Package drop boxes are typically not a reoccurring purchase for the buyer which is why it is crucial to work with an experienced representative to lead you through the buying process. One Midwestern company, USA Building Supplies was kind enough to highlight some of the vital criteria that a buyer should go over before procuring a parcel drop box. USA Building Supplies has a full staff of seasoned sales representative that ready to assist you if you are not able to pinpoint the proper package drop box after reviewing some of the critical buying factors they assisted us on detailing below.

  • Package Drop Box Deposit Opening – Parcel drop boxes have varying drop openings which help determine the size or package or item that can be deposited into the unit. The size of the opening is often balanced with ensuring the security of the unit against theft. Most drop boxes have an internal baffle plate that prevents unwanted visitors from gaining access to the interior contents of the drop box.

  • Parcel Drop Box Door Orientation – Most drop boxes are either a front or access end user package retrieval door for the end user. The package access door is equipped with a secure locking mechanism to ensure package security. It should be noted however that some parcel drop box do offer access on both sides of the drop box which provides the ultimate in versatility.

  • Package Drop Box End Use Installation – The old saying that the devil is in the details holds true in this parcel drop box buying detail. Buyers should be aware if installing the package drop box outdoors whether the unit is flush to the ground or elevated off the ground. This proves vital it in climates that experience an abundance of less than ideal weather conditions. Naturally, if the package delivery box is elevated off the ground the overall likelihood of the contents remaining dry exponentially increases.

  • Parcel Delivery Box Construction – Most parcel drop boxes are constructed off robust materials to withstand years of use. The differences of the construction from one drop box to another are typically minor, however in some end use situations these small differences can make or break a buying decision. Package drop box suppliers will typically have a manufacturer’s specification sheet which can help you discern the best product for your application.

  • Package Drop Box Finishes – The color of the package drop is another buying factor for the ultimate end user. Different manufacturers offer their own unique collection of finishes for buyers to choose from. This drop box buying criteria most often comes into play in indoor applications where aesthetics are a more commonplace concern.

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