Pedestal Mailboxes are a Staple in the Commercial Mailbox Marketplace

As long as the most senior member of USA Building Supplies staff can remember which is close to fifty years, pedestal mailboxes have been around in the commercial mailbox industry. Today in the marketplace there are many different types of pedestal mailboxes with each type filling a niche in the industry. While there is no definition of what exactly is a pedestal mailbox, most in the industry would concur that it is a mail receptacle that resides on a stand that is locking and is primarily used outdoors.

locking pedestal mailboxSingle Unit Pedestal Mailboxes

Pedestal mailboxes that service one recipient have gown popular over the years for small businesses and private individuals. End users of these locking pedestal mailboxes purchase one of these types of mail receptacles for identity theft protection primarily. Typically, the single unit locking mailbox on a pedestal can accept only limited size packages. It should be noted that postal regulations prohibit the USPS from putting a postal arrow lock on a single unit locking mailbox. USA Building Supplies features a variety of individual locking mailboxes including the Roadside, Oasis, and the Mail and Package Drop.

Cluster Box Units are the Best Selling Pedestal Mailboxcluster box unit

Cluster box units are a commercial mail receptacle product category grouping are the highest revenue producing mailbox in the industry. Cluster boxes are USPS approved and feature various standard configurations for buyers to choose from. The CBU as commonly called contain residential mail compartments, at least one parcel locker, and an outgoing mail carrier access compartment. In addition customers can purchase decorative accessories to dress up their cluster box if they desire. Decorative cluster box units help distinguish your community as first class.

4C pedestal mailbox4C Pedestal Mailboxes Fill a Void in the Marketplace

4C pedestal mailboxes are a recent addition to the commercial mailbox category commonly called pedestal mailboxes. Because of the inflexibility of the cluster box unit configurations the marketplace demanded a more versatile pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal mailbox filled that gap in the commercial mailbox marketplace and now is offered by all of the major suppliers in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the 4C pedestal mailbox has yet to fully receive the U.S. Postal Service’s blessing completely, however sales of the product remain robust despite this drawback.

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