Pedestal Mailboxes have Taken Numerous Designs

pedestal mailboxPedestal mailbox styles have evolved through the years which have led to a somewhat confused consumer with all the different classifications. Most of the progression of the pedestal mailboxes has been an improvement or enhancement of the centralized receptacle; therefore the price points to the end user have increased. Some of features that have altered for the betterment of pedestal mailboxes have increased security throughout the receptacle, larger tenant door sizes, and the inclusion of self- contained parcel locker(s) into the mailbox configuration.  Below we have listed the different pedestal mailboxes over the past fifty years and the primary unique features and or enhancements each pedestal mail receptacle has provided the commercial mailbox marketplace.

  • Neighborhood Delivery & Collection Box Unit - This pedestal mailbox otherwise known as the NDCBU was the staple for centralized delivery receptacles on a pedestal until late in the 20th Century. The NDCU was a rear loading mailbox for the mailman and stock sizes were available in eight, twelve, and sixteen tenant doors. The NDCU had standard doors sizes of approximately 5”H x 6”W x 15”D which varied slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The overall security of this receptacle was low in comparison to the technology available in the nineteen nineties which is one of the primary reasons the U.S. Postal Service led a movement to a newly designed premium pedestal mailbox.

  • E Series Cluster Box Unit – Centralized delivery was revolutionized with the introduction of the E Series cluster box unit, which replaced the NDCBU and provided an initial blueprint of centralized mail delivery in the 21st Century. The cluster box featured larger tenant door sizes of a USPS sanctioned minimum 3”H x 12”D x 15”D and a significant enhancement of the security of the receptacle. In addition, the cluster box unit had self-contained parcel lockers and secure outgoing mail built into each cluster mailbox. The cluster box unit was manufactured from more robust materials than the Neighborhood Delivery & Collection Box Unit and also had improved security features to help combat identity theft. Finally, the cluster box unit introduced front loading delivery for the mail carrier to save on man hours when delivering the mail.

  • F Series Cluster Box Unit – Identity theft grew more prevalent as ecommerce grew and other avenues presented themselves for unwanted visitors who wanted your identity. This precipitated the U.S Postal Service and commercial mailbox manufacturers to design a higher security cluster box unit to replace the previously released E Series cluster box unit without increasing the price appreciably to the eventual end user. This mission was ultimately accomplished and commercial mailbox marketplace now had the primary pedestal mailbox in the marketplace which is today known as the F Series cluster box unit.

  • High Security Cluster Box Unit – High crime areas were still experiencing identity theft even after the F Series cluster box unit was introduced so the USPS and Florence Manufacturing collaborated to design a higher security mail receptacle for these circumstances. Generally speaking, the high security cluster box unit is not used predominantly in the marketplace because of the price point to the end user. Typically the F Series cluster box unit is regarded as secure enough receptacle for the vast majority of pedestal mailbox installations. The high security cluster box unit is basically an F Series cluster box unit on steroids.

  • Decorative Cluster Box Units – The development community began to demand a more upscale pedestal mailbox as the U.S. Postal Service began to require centralized delivery mailboxes in their communities. This is how the decorative cluster box units came about. The decorative cluster box is essentially the F Series cluster mailbox with fitted accessories for the roof and pedestal to make the unit more attractive. As customer search throughout the commercial mailbox marketplace they will find two primary decorative cluster boxes which are the Regency cluster box unit and the Classic cluster box unit.

  • 4C Pedestal Mailbox – Demand in marketplace for more versatile pedestal mailbox produced the birth of the 4C pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal mailbox allows the consumer more configurations, a greater assortment of resident doors sizes, and more configuration customization. In addition, the 4C pedestal mailbox offers the end user more powder coat finishes to select from than the cluster box unit. 4C pedestal mailboxes currently lack USPS certification because the controversy and conflict they present to the national postal officials. It should be noted however that many local postal officials will grant end users variances to accommodate the end users pedestal mailbox scenario.

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