Planning Key for Successful 4C Horizontal Mailbox Installation

Planning ahead for your new STD-4C mail receptacles is always a good idea. However, unfortunately for the inexperienced buyer of commercial mail receptacles that can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, the experienced staff at commercial mailbox supplier USA Building Supplies was kind enough to share some helpful insights.

Schedule an Appointment with USPS Official Prior to Ordering 4C Mailboxes

The USPS is the governing body in the commercial mail receptacle industry therefore it is crucial to keep them in the loop prior to ordering your 4C horizontal mailboxes. The U.S. Postal Service not only governs the type of mail receptacles in the marketplace but also where you plan to locate the mailboxes. Even if your plans for installing your USPS-STD-4C horizontal mailboxes seem practical, it is still best to make sure your local postal officials are on board with your plans.

Double Check to Make Sure You Have Enough Wall SpaceSTD-4C mail receptacles

Most commercial mailbox buyers are surprised at the wall space required for installing 4C wall installation mailboxes. Therefore, it would prudent to confirm with the shop drawings your mailbox supplier has provided with that you have adequate space. It is also important that you confirm that you have sufficient space in front of the 4C horizontal mailboxes for the access panels to swing open so the mailman can deliver the mail.

Inspect STD-4C Mail Receptacles When Delivered

4C horizontal mailboxProper receiving procedures should always be adhered to when receiving merchandise. Full inspections should be made for visible damage when your 4C mailboxes are delivered, and a second inspection should be made within five business days after receipt of the goods for concealed damage. In addition, it is important to confirm that all necessary hardware that is to be included has been furnished. Most 4C horizontal mailbox suppliers ship the hardware, keys, and other accessory items inside the 4C mail receptacle module.

Arrow Locks Need to Be Installed By the USPS

Most 4C mailbox modules are for USPS delivery therefore they require the USPS provide arrow lock for master entry by the USPS. Per postal regulations the commercial mailbox manufacturers are not allowed to install the arrow locks however they do prepare the necessary doors to accept the master lock. Arrow locks on your 4C horizontal mailbox doors will required on the outgoing mail compartment and on any of the parcel lockers.

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