Post Office Boxes Provide Options

Horizontal mailboxes which are commonly known by end users as post office boxes provide the commercial mailbox buyer numerous options and configuration alternatives to accommodate most situations.  Horizontal mailboxes can be front or rear load. Numerous powder coat finishes are available for post office boxes therefore you can be assured that one of them will match your décor. Horizontal mail receptacles typically are offered at a minimum of the following door identification options; cardholders, engraved, and black filled engraving. Horizontal mailbox suppliers allow potential customers a great deal of custom configuration options including occupant door sizes, parcel lockers, and outgoing mail compartments. Horizontal mailboxes offer numerous different locking mechanisms for user doors, however this option can be limited if the centralized mail receptacles are being used for postal use whereas private distribution post office boxes have all of the lock options available.

USPS-4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes Are Approved For Replacement Purposes

In 2006 the USPS put forth USPS-STD-4C regulation for wall installation mailboxes. The regulation basically stated that for all new construction wall installation mail receptacles buyers were required to use 4C horizontal mailboxes. However, USPS-4B+ horizontal mailboxes would still be USPS sanctioned for replacement situations only. The new regulation made sense because 4C horizontal mailboxes carried a larger footprint for wall space and there would be a need for more linear wall space if they had to replace a horizontal mailbox with a 4C mailbox. This exception in the regulation made replacing older mail receptacles much less cumbersome than it could have been.

Private Use Horizontal Mailboxes Have Many Usespost office boxes

Private horizontal mailbox applications are a larger market than most outsiders would believe. This type of post office box is utilized commonly in college dormitories, large corporations for inner office mail, private post office stores, and other purposes.  Private distribution horizontal mailboxes are manufactured more economically than postal compliant horizontal mail receptacles because the manufacturers are not bound to postal specifications which often can be far reaching. Horizontal mailboxes for private applications also allow buyers more options in terms of configurations and locking devices. This provides the commercial mailbox buyer the ability to fit more mailboxes in less wall space and more versatile locking device options like combination locks rather than the standard 5-pin cam locks commonly found on USPS certified horizontal mailboxes.

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