Review of USA Building Supplies' Single Unit Locking Mailboxes

USA Building Supplies, a Wisconsin based supplier of commercial mailboxes carries a variety of individual locking pedestal mailboxes for business and residential clients. Single unit locking mailboxes all carry their own unique features which differentiate themselves from another unit. The average buyer of these receptacles often has trouble discerning these qualities; therefore we thought it may be helpful to provide reviews of USA Building Supplies’ core products in this category of commercial mailboxes.

Roadside Locking Pedestal Mailbox is a Cost Effective Solution

The roadside mailbox is one of USA Building Supplies’ most popular individual locking mail receptacles. This locking mailbox is constructed of all aluminum and is USPS certified for curbside delivery. The roadside mailbox features a fixed drop slot mail deposits made by the postal carrier and a front retrieval door for the end user. Prospective clients love the installation choices this locking mail receptacle provides by offering in ground and concrete pedestal, attractive pedestal alternatives and the fact that this mailbox can be mounted into masonry without a pedestal. The roadside mailbox comes standard with a small outgoing mail tray for envelopes. Potential customers can pick from black, white, silver, or green powder coat finish which allows them to color coordinate their locking mailbox with their surroundings. The roadside mail receptacle offers all of the aforementioned qualities and a great price!

Oasis Mailbox is Often Considered a Premium Receptacle

Neighbors and others are sure to notice your new Oasis locking mail receptacle installed out in front of your business or home due to its eye-catching appearance. The Oasis mail receptacle is available in black, white, gray, sand, or bronze powder coat finish with optional color coordinated address lettering on the front or side of the mailbox. This locking mail receptacle features a hopper door for mail deposit drop which allows it accommodate thicker mail and small packages. The Oasis mail receptacle is front access and is locking thus providing a secure mailbox to the consumer. This single unit locking mailbox mounts most often on a pedestal for either ground or concrete installations or can be mounted into masonry. The Oasis mailbox in a short time vaulted into the most popular locking mail receptacle USA Building Supplies offers in this classification of commercial mailboxes.

Mail & Package Drop Offers High Volume Buyers an Additional Choice

The overall size of the mail and package drop is virtually a giveaway that this single unit locking pedestal mailbox is an ideal choice for volume end users.  In addition, this locking mailbox offers both front and rear access locked mail retrieval doormail and package drops to provide the end user the ultimate in versatility. The mail and package drop provides the mail carrier with mail deposit to handle thick mail and small packages while also having security interior baffle plate to prevent mail fishing. Due to postal regulations the mail and package drop offers an outgoing mail tray for small amounts of outgoing mail that is not secure. This secure mailbox is available in black, white, silver, or green powder coat finish which provides the end user an assortment color choices.

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