Secure Storage Solutions Spur Revenues Upward at USA Building Supplies

Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies, a commercial mail receptacle supplier whose management moved toward greater diversification as a result of the real estate recession is seeing revenues take off as a result of this calculation. The company’s management realized that the downturn in the economy would result in less housing starts thus affecting their commercial mailbox sales in a negative direction. The company leaders convened and decided to gradually diversify their product offerings to include secure storage solutions with the two revenue pillars being laptop storage lockers and cell phone lockers. The concentration on these products has created additional product vendors and also assisted their current centralized mailbox vendors’ additional sources of revenue.

Laptop Storage Lockers Provide Secure Temporary Storage and Morelaptop storage lockers

Government, corporations and other organizations are finding USA Building Supplies’ laptop storage lockers to be a great product solution to protect their data and equipment. Laptop storage cabinet bays provide adequate storage space to store most laptop computers, tablets and cell phones. In addition the laptop lockers have vented side walls to promote air flow. Potential laptop computer cabinet buyers also have the opportunity to select the best locking device to suit their needs. The company also offers two different sizes of charging laptop lockers for customers that desire this added benefit.

Cell Phone Storage Lockers Protect Buildings in a Variety of Ways

Cell phone storage lockers are seen as a necessity by many building owners and facility managers these days. Because of the advanced features including video, photography, texting, and more, most security experts want to confine cell phone usage to certain areas in their building. Cell phone lockers accomplish this goal, while also providing the building guest peace of mind in knowing that their device is secure when stored. Locking cell phone cabinets can be recessed into a wall or surface mounted to a wall in just minutes after receiving your unit. Management at USA Building Supplies has suggested calling one of their cell phone locker specialists for volume orders or to discuss the many optional features that are offered on this line of products.

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