Tips for Picking the Right Commercial Mailbox Supplier

The commercial mailbox industry is characterized by a handful or so manufacturers and a substantial amount of distributors of centralized mail receptacles. Typically, most of the commercial mail receptacle manufacturers sell through distributors which leave commercial mailbox buyers with numerous different companies which they can do business with. Often this leads the centralized mailbox buyers with the simple question of what differentiates one supplier of commercial mailboxes from another supplier. After interviewing numerous industry insiders we came up with a short list of qualities that buyers should look for when selecting a commercial mail receptacle supplier.

Selection of Commercial Mailboxes

The overall selection of the centralized mailboxes for the particular supplier you choose should be comprehensive. All four major categories of commercial mailboxes should be carried by the suppliers you choose which are cluster box units, 4C mailboxes, horizontal commercial mail receptaclemailboxes, and vertical mailboxes. This allows the buyer the versatility of choosing the best commercial mail receptacle for their application.

commercial mailboxVolume Discounts

Most industry suppliers will offer discounts for customers buying mail receptacles in volume. Manufacturers often provide free freight incentives to their distributors for 4C mailboxes and cluster box units to help secure large orders. Customers should proceed with caution when receiving freight incentives because the freight service provided may vary from one commercial mailbox supplier to another. For example, one supplier’s free freight incentive may include delivery notification and lift gate service whereas another supplier includes only standard freight service thus charging extra for delivery notification and lift gate service.

Quality Customer Service

Many times the difference from one supplier to the next is superior customer service. Did the customer service representative fully explain the details of the cluster box unit you were looking at? Were detailed shop drawings provided for the 4C mailbox configuration you requested provided quickly and accurately? Did the sales representative provide additional supporting documents for the horizontal mailboxes you were considering to help you make an informed decision? When you called the supplier did you get voice mail or a live person? All of these questions and more can help you evaluate the commercial mailbox supplier.

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