USA Building Supplies’ Management Breathes Easier Due to Diversification

package drop box

Rapidly evolving commercial mailbox supplier USA Building Supplies is sleeping a little easier these days due to the vision of management. The economic downturn in the United States decreased the amount of new construction throughout the country severely affected the company’s bottom line. The poise and leadership of USA Building Supplies makes the once strongly reliant supplier of commercial mailboxes confident of their future. USA Building Supplies has focused on bringing additional related products to the marketplace through their state of the art website and revenue flourished.  Company executives were kind enough to share some of the key products recently released into the marketplace along with key points about the product offerings.

Cell Phone Lockers – USA Building Supplies launched its cell phone cabinet line shortly after the great recession began to take hold and the results have been stunning. Budgets are often scrutinized during tough times however facility and building managers rarely will sacrifice security. Hence, cell phone cabinets have provided the company with relatively recession proof product line. Mini storage lockers are not utilized for mobile phone but for other valuable items as well.

Laptop Lockers – The digital age has put additional emphasis on data security for organizations and their representatives have been more mindful of letting their intellectual property walk out the door. USA Building Supplies capitalized on this security trend by offering their Tek Stak laptop lockers. Customers have often remarked that they love the flexibility of options these laptop cabinets provide from finishes to lock types to additional option these locking laptop storage lockers have been a winner.

Anti-Fatigue Mats – A simple but popular product appropriately named anti-fatigue mats have provided the company with a product line that has relatively no concerns of returns or freight damage issues. This provides USA Building Supplies a product line with revenues with very few drawbacks. The company carries anti-fatigue mats for both wet and dry environments in assortment of styles, thicknesses, and sizes. The company’s website provides all details one could want when shopping for anti-fatigue mats.

Building, House, & Apartment Numbers – This product was a natural addition for USA Building Supplies considering that often company’s representatives are given address, apartment numbers, or types of unit identification when the client is ordering commercial mailboxes. The company offers a full range of styles, finishes, and mounting methods for their building numbers. Company representatives have been astonished about the additional measureable revenues the building, apartment, and house numbers have provided.

Package Drop Boxes – Company executives at USA Building Supplies stated that package drop boxes have been a part of their product offering for years, but with the explosive growth of ecommerce they have become more of an integral revenue producer. Therefore, the company decided to expand the drop box product offering exponentially and the sales have been delivered. Parcel drop boxes it should be noted have many other private applications than just for package deliveries.

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