USA Building Supplies Decides to Go Wide

Most companies often have a decision to make when it comes to growing revenues, they can either sell more of their current product offerings to more users or they can expand their product lines to sell more to existing customers and new customers. Commercial mailbox supplier USA Building Supplies made the calculated decision to diversify their business due to increased competition of their core product line centralized mail receptacles, which subsequently made the marketplace more price sensitive. Sometimes with adversity comes opportunity and Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies is proving that theory to be true with product additions like cell phone lockers, laptop lockers, mail sorters, entrance mats, ant-fatigue mats, division 10 products and more. These product additions have opened doors to the company that few knew existed before their diversification plan was enacted.

Cell Phone Lockers, Laptop Cabinets, & Mail Sorters Prove to be Worthwhile Additions

laptop lockerThe first wave of product diversification was fueled by customer feedback and current vendor product expansion. Cell phone lockers were the first product addition that gained traction in the marketplace for USA Building Supplies due to their unique product design and increased demand nationwide. This storage solution product provided the company with numerous customer inquiries to carry some sort of laptop locker and USA Building Supplies quickly delivered a full line of steel laptop cabinets. The new product features non-charging and charging laptop lockers in a variety of sizes to accommodate different end use scenarios. Additional inquiries to the customer service center at USA Building Supplies called for an internal user storage solution to help organize documents for companies that did not require locking capabilities. The product development team quickly convened and rolled out one of the most comprehensive lines of adjustable mail sorters the marketplace has seen recently. Prospective customers flocked to the USA Building Supplies’ website to order this latest product innovation. When interviewing company insiders they revealed a full line of steel mail sorters are in the pipeline to be released soon.

Division 10 Products & Industrial Floor Mats Rounded Out the Initial Expansion

Officials from USA Building Supplies added a full line of restroom accessories and stalls along industrial floor matting to reach out to more buyers as part of the first wave of expansion. These product offerings allowed the company to become a more one stop shop for current and new customers and also expanded the future possibilities for USA Building Supplies. The division 10 products allowed the company to plan to carry additional construction related specialties and industrial floor mats opened new markets for the company. Executives at USA Building Supplies urged us to stay tuned because they had a lot in store for 2016!

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