USPS Approved Commercial Mailbox Term Getting Tougher to Decipher

As postal regulations change and are updated the once common phrase “USPS Approved” definition gets murky. Previously, USPS approved commercial mailboxes had a black and white interpretation by postal officials, suppliers, and buyers of commercial mail receptacles. However, in today’s marketplace the term has additional classifications such as USPS-4B+ compliant, USPS-STD-4C certified and local approval required, and because of recent regulation updates and commercial mail receptacle product extensions it is complicated to discern just what is exactly "USPS Approved."

USPS-4B+ Compliant Horizontal & Vertical Mailboxesvertical mailbox

The USPS-4B+ compliant classification is a designation used for vertical and horizontal mail receptacles which were the primary wall installation mailboxes until the birth of the 4C mailbox. This classification essentially means that the centralized mail receptacle is approved for replacement purposes. Occasionally, the local post office will grant an exception for new construction; however this trend is becoming less common. This consideration often is granted only when available wall space is limited.

USPS-1118-F Cluster Box Units

Cluster box units for one reason or another until recently tended to be the most aggressively enforced postal mailbox certification by postal officials. Cluster box units are a centralized pedestal mailbox that fosters cost effective and speedy delivery for the post office and high security along with other benefits for the users. CBU’s as commonly called have preset designs regulated by the postal headquarters per the postal licensing manufacturing agreement. Until relatively recently, the USPS was pretty firm on the original cluster box designs, however the demand for more decorative cluster box units and additional pedestal mailbox configurations has breed a more liberal viewpoint by the USPS in regards to the acceptability of different pedestal mailboxes.

USPS-STD-4C Mailboxesdecorative cluster box unit

The STD-4C mailbox was introduced into the commercial mail receptacle marketplace in 2006 for wall installation mailboxes for new construction or major renovations. The USPS and industry insiders felt the need to update wall installation centralized mail receptacles to reflect the size of 21ST Century mail. In addition as part of the 4C regulation the postal service adopted a one parcel locker to every ten tenant ratio due to the explosion of ecommerce, this drove the need for more package lockers in the marketplace. 4C mailboxes have evolved significantly in the just under a decade since they were first introduced from 4C mail kiosks, to surface mount 4C mailboxes, to 4C pedestal mailboxes. As the 4C mail receptacle product extensions grew the term USPS approved became murkier. Regulations became cloudy primarily due to the introduction of the 4C pedestal mailbox and the Postal Service’s refusal to sanction this type of pedestal mailbox.

Commercial Mailbox Assistance for Regulation Interpretation Available

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