Versatile Locking Cell Phone Cabinets for Today and Tomorrow's Mobile Phones

locking cell phone cabinetChanges happen quickly in the world of business and often suppliers like Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies who anticipate the change coming bear the fruits of their vision. Cell phones recently appeared to be increasing in size primarily due to an older population and an image conscious youth. This change in the mobile device marketplace brought a transition to suppliers and manufacturers of cell phone lockers. Initially, when cell phone lockers gained increase popularity in the beginning of the 21st Century most storage cabinets were standardized configurations and with smaller compartments to store items in. As the phone sizes started to change the locking cell phone cabinet manufacturers offered configurations with larger door sizes, mixed compartment dimensions within individual cabinets, increased compartment depth options, and customized locker configurations. Cell phone locker buyers were relieved that companies like USA Building Supplies were ready and willing to change with the times.

Cell Phone Locker Suppliers Offer More Options to Accommodate Customer Requests

The need for varying configurations was not the only demand cell phone cabinet buyers had as popularity increased of these storage units. Prospective buyers wanted additional installation options and the marketplace responded making freestanding enclosures available for many locking cell phone cabinets. This provided additional mounting methods to the traditional recessed or surface mounting options. Potential customers also expressed an interest in have additional compartment lock choices available other than the commonly offered keyed cam locks. Combination and user definable locks were offered almost simultaneously as the marketplace demanded. Manufacturers added additional powder coat finishes as corporate and other image conscious organizations began putting cell phone cabinets in their reception areas as a security measure. USA Building Supplies quickly implemented these changes and saw their revenues spike, which is why you will always find their representatives listening with full attention as prospective customers provide feedback.  

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