Why Are Outdoor Pedestal Mailboxes Preferred by the Post Office?

These days it seems mail delivery is all moving to pedestal mailboxes centrally located in one or multiple locations throughout a community. More specifically, cluster box units dominate mail delivery in new developments throughout the country. The days are numberedoutdoor pedestal mailbox were the post office delivers mail to each and every residential mailbox located outside each home. Recently, we asked a group executives at Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies a supplier of commercial mailboxes why the USPS is making pedestal mailboxes the mode of mail delivery in the 21st Century.

  • Cluster box units promote more efficient delivery for mail carriers. Instead of stopping at each residence the letter carrier can stop at a centralized location and make delivery to numerous postal customers quickly.

  • Pedestal cluster mailboxes allow for mail security. Identity theft is a real problem these days and just like everyone else in business it is in the post office’s best interests to keep their customers happy. In addition to outdoor pedestal mailboxes providing locked door compartments for mail the newly enhanced cluster boxes make it almost impossible to break into.

  • Cluster box units offer secure outgoing mail for postal customers. Identity theft is not just for incoming mail but outgoing mail too. Today’s pedestal mailboxes provide this benefit which helps both the mail carrier and postal customer.

  • Cluster boxes provide remote package delivery. The Postal Service’s proprietary parcel delivery system allows customers to receive small to medium size packages without going to the local Post Office. This gives the USPS a leg up on their competition.

Is Pedestal Mailbox Delivery Here to Stay?

The USPS has made it no secret that they plan to flex their muscles to implement cluster box unit centralized delivery for new developments. In fact, postal officials hope to make existing communities switch over to high security pedestal mail receptacles. Most believe that making existing customers change over to cluster boxes will be daunting. Regardless, the benefits of more efficient delivery are too appealing for the USPS to stray away from cluster box unit mail delivery unless a better alternative arises.

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