Lavatory Mounted All-Purpose Soap Dispenser - Capacity: 34 oz. - Spout length: 4"

SKU: AS-0332
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1 1 $55.00
4 4 $45.00
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Features & Specifications

  • Dispenses liquid and lotion soaps, synthetic detergents, and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and/or Triclossan
  • Dispenser stem and 4" spout are made of stainless steel with rubber "duck bill" check valves, and an O-ring seal
  • Globe adapter, threaded tank, basin nut, internal parts, and valve body are made of molded plastic
  • Spring, escutcheon washer, stem retainer collar, and screw are made of stainless steel
  • Soap container is clear, shatterproof polyethylene
  • 360 degree rotating spout
  • Valve operation complies with ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Manual soap dispenser is operated by pushing down on the spout stem