USPS 4B+ Horizontal Mailbox - 5H x 4W Configuration

SKU: SY-3620
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Features & Specifications

  • 3600 series horizontal mailboxes are constructed from all aluminum extrusions and materials
  • Stock configurations are based off of "A" size doors which are 5 1/4""H x 6 1/2"W
  • Custom manufactured configurations with different door sizes, outgoing mail slots, and parcel lockers are offered
  • Post office box cabinets are USPS 4B+ Compliant which certifies this mailbox as approved for replacement purposes
  • 3600 series mailboxes are rated interior use only
  • Front loading horizontal mail receptacles are recessed mount
  • Each 1/8" extruded user door swings on a continuous hinge and is equipped with a 5 pin cam lock and two keys
  • Horizontal mailboxes are easy to install and give a finished appearance when recessed into a wall cut out
  • Front loading modules require one compartment to be dedicated for mail carrier or private master access (19 door compartments available for storage) whereas rear loading units do not require a door to be reserved for master entry (20 door compartments are usable)
  • Rear loading horizontal mailbox modules include a removable rear cover

Optional Features

Finish Option

(NO CHARGE FOR DIFFERENT FINISH CHOICES) Finish choices for the 3600 series horizontal mailboxes are aluminum, bronze, or sandstone powder coat. Color chips are available upon request.

Door ID Option

(STANDARD) Cardholders are a type of door identification for the 3600 series horizontal mailbox that includes a 2"W x 5/8"H clear plastic holder and card for each compartment door. The card can be marked by you in the field to identify each door how you want.

(+$55.00) Custom engraved placards are self-adhesive and measure 2"W x 0.625"H x 0.25"D that can be custom engraved as you specify.

(+$95.00) Custom engraved door identification for the 3600 series horizontal mailboxes can be customized according to your requirements. Custom engraved door characters will be silver in color because 3600 series horizontal mailboxes are fabricated from aluminum.

(+$95.00) Custom black filled engraving is viewed by many as the most attractive door identification option. The mailbox door characters are engraved to your requirements and then each character is filled with black ink to accentuate the door identification.

Access Option     

(STANDARD) USPS access means that the mail receptacle will be used for U.S. Mail delivery delivered by the Postal Service. In this case, a master door or cover will be prepared for the postal master lock which the USPS will install in the field typically at no charge.

(+$35.00) Private access signifies that the receptacle will be used for a private application. In this case, the master door will be equipped with a commercial lock.  

Load Type

(STANDARD) Front loading horizontal mailboxes require a door to be reserved for master access for the delivery agent.

(+$500.00) Rear loading horizontal mailboxes do not require a door to be dedicated for master entry because master access is gained through the rear of the cabinet. Therefore, all door compartments are available for storage. Units include a removable rear cover.