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    Tek Stak Laptop Computer Lockers Feature an Assortment of Options for Buyers

    Laptop computer lockers from USA Building Supplies offer potential buyers a wide range of options and models to choose from. Laptop computer lockers are available in charging and non-charging styles, which allows potential clients to weigh the importance of charging their devices when laptops are in storage. Charging laptop cabinets are offered in five or ten compartment models. Non-charging laptop cabinets can purchased in five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve compartment units. Both Tek Stak laptop locker types can purchased in a wide selection of powder coat finishes. In addition, laptop lockers can be equipped with master keyed locks, hasps for customer supplied locks, or electronic locks to suit each individual potential client’s needs. Two additional laptop computer locker options are a storage drawer and laminate top. The storage drawer is great for keeping related peripheral items close by. The laminated top adds to the functionality of the unit by providing a work surface.

    Electronic Device Storage Lockers Used in Various Applications

    Tek Stak laptop lockers are used by wide range of customers who are striving to protect their data and/or are just looking to store electronic devices until the next time the device is used. Laptop computer lockers are currently being used by universities, public libraries, corporations, and other major organizations. Clients love the space saving design of these laptop computer lockers.

    Tek Stak Laptop Lockers Provide Three Distinct Benefits

    The electronic device storage line of products from USA Building Supplies are getting plenty of looks from potential clients from a wide spectrum of industries. Laptop storage cabinet buyers sight the distinct benefits of storing, securing, and charging laptops when not in use as the primary reasons for purchasing this product. A secondary value laptop locker buyer’s sight is the safety the units provide with their ventilated sides, which keeps devices cool when in storage.

    Spacious Compartments for Storing Your Electronic Devices

    Fold down compartment doors coupled with ample sized compartments assures buyers that laptops will be stored safely and are easy to remove and put back into storage. Few things are more frustrating trying to fit a relatively fragile item into a tight space and then having to remove it regularly.

    Laptop Storage Lockers Secured Adequately

    All Tek Stak laptop lockers are equipped with either keyed or electronic locks, so you can be assured that the units are in good safekeeping. Laptop lockers can also be equipped with hasps for customer provided locks if the client prefers. Master key and code access is routinely discussed with the prospective customers prior to finalizing their laptop computer cabinet purchase.

    Make Sure Your Laptops are Juiced Up

    Charging laptop lockers are a product that it seems customers are more than willing to pay for. USA Building Supplies offers charging laptop lockers in five or ten compartment models for clients to choose from. Tek Stak laptop lockers even allow customers to charge up to two devices at one time, therefore you can relax knowing that your laptop and other devices will have plenty of charge in them for the next time you use them.

    Laptop Lockers Provide Storage Solutions

    USA Building Supplies carries non-charging locking laptop lockers for storage of electronic devices. This type of laptop locker has been growing in demand with the influx of larger cell phones, tablets, and laptops. USA Building Supplies offers configurations of five to 12 compartments. These locking laptop cabinets have a compartment size of 19 ¾"W x 4"H x 20 7/8"D. Laptop compartments can be locked with keyed locks, hasps for customer provided padlocks, or electronic locks. Electronic locks are growing in popularity despite their increased cost because clients love the fact that users can define their combination quickly and easily. A master key is provided free of charge for the electronic lock units, whereas a master key must be purchased for the keyed lock modules. An assortment of powder coat finishes makes this laptop cabinet an attractive storage solution. The drawer base option is handy for storage of key wrist bands or related items. The laminate top feature provides a flat work surface and can be ordered in various colors. Front fold down doors allow for quick access to the user compartment. Durability and long life are assured with our 20 gauge steel construction. Professional USA Building Supplies' sales representatives are ready to assist you now!

    Representatives from USA Building Supplies Offer Reliable Customer Service

    Tek Stak laptop lockers have quickly become one of the bestselling laptop storage cabinets in the marketplace. The locker design, ease of use, and selection of options is what sets these cabinets apart from the competition. Because of the enhanced appearance of these locking laptop cabinets they will fit well in almost any environment. The sales team at USA Building Supplies is ready and able to assist you with your Datum laptop locker inquiry.

    Large Locking Laptop Cabinet a Favorite Among High Volume Users

    It looks like Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies has found a winner the large laptop cabinet with companies that require a high volume storage solution for their electronic devices. The high volume laptop tower as commonly referred to as, is non-charging and is a high volume laptop tower made of durable heavy gauge steel to withstand a variety of end use environments. The laptop computer tower is available in a wide selection of powder coated finishes to ensure it will blend into its surroundings. The high capacity laptop cabinet can hold up to 35 laptops and if needed the internal dividers are adjustable on ¾” centers. The unit’s three point locking door can be hinged on either the right or left side when looking at the front of the unit.

    Selecting the Proper Freight Service Needed is Crucial before You Order

    The large locking laptop locker is heavy duty and weighs 225 lbs. Therefore, it crucial that if your organization does not have lift equipment at your facility and/or a loading dock to select the proper freight service required. Half of the battle in making sure your delivery happens without a hitch is communicating your situation with a laptop computer cabinet expert from USA Building Supplies at the time of your order. A company representative will then provide you with written or verbal quote with the freight services needed to make sure your delivery of the laptop computer cabinet gets delivered smoothly. In addition, the company asks you to make a full inspection of the locking laptop cabinet when it gets delivered and to note any damage on the delivery receipt before signing for the goods. Finally, a final inspection should be made within five days of the unpackaged laptop locker to ensure proper credit can be given if there concealed damage.

    Single Unit Laptop Lockers Unveiled by USA Building Supplies

    USA Building Supplies, a Wisconsin based supplier continues to bring innovative storage solutions for electronic devices to the marketplace with its recent introduction of single unit laptop lockers. Convenience and security is provided to users of this locking laptop cabinet. USA Building Supplies offers single unit laptop lockers in two different sizes and in an assortment of finish choices. Durability and device protection are accomplished with the sturdy steel construction coupled with interior padded foam to safeguard the end users stored device. Individual unit laptop cabinets are designed to be wall mounted and easy to install.

    Individual Secure Laptop Cabinet Applications

    Businesses, homes, hotels, educational, government, and institutional users all have benefited from the single unit laptop locker introduction into the marketplace. End users often comment about the flexibility of locking options available for this unit as a primary reason for them selecting this storage solution. Laptop locker specialists at USA Building Supplies are just a call or email away to help facilitate your next electronic storage solution purchase.

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