• Pedestal Mailboxes-Single Unit Locking

    Locking Single Unit Pedestal Mailbox Considerations

    USA Building Supplies handles four of the most popular single unit mailboxes. Typically, all four types of these individual mailboxes are mounted on a pedestal, however occasionally a prospective client will want encase one these locking receptacles into a structure. The Oasis, Roadside, Mail Chest, and Mail & Package Drop are all available with a factory pedestal in either ground or concrete mount. The Oasis, Roadside, and Mail Chest locking mailboxes offer spreaders, which allow clients to mount multiple mailboxes on one pedestal. Postal regulations prohibit the manufacturers from building a single unit pedestal mailbox that is prepared for the arrow lock. Therefore, outgoing mail in any individual unit locking mailbox will not be secure. It should be noted however that all of USA Building Supplies single unit locking mailboxes do provide a place with limitations for the customer to put their outgoing mail. Each single unit locking mailboxes from USA Building Supplies has benefits for the customer. The Oasis mailbox has an attractive design, hopper door that allows for small parcel delivery, and is reasonably priced. The Mail and Package Drop locking mailbox has a significant amount of capacity for mail. The Roadside mailbox is the price leader in comparison to the other individual locking mailboxes we carry. The mail Chest locking receptacle is an excellent middle of the road selections with a balance of features and quality at an affordable price. Contact a USA Building Supplies' individual locking pedestal mailbox specialist today!

    Mail Chests are a Great Value Purchase

    USA Building Supplies today announced the addition of the mail chest to their growing line of locking mailboxes. The mail chest has a combination features and quality that make it an excellent value buy for their clients. This locking receptacle is larger than the roadside mailbox but small than the mail and package drop therefore fitting right in the middle in terms of capacity and price in their product offering. Mail chests are available in black, green, white, or silver powder coated finish which allows the receptacle to blend in wherever clients wish to install the mailbox. The unit offers both rear and front end user locking contents retrieval doors to provide versatility and security. Mail chests can be mounted into columns, walls, or masonry. Both concrete and in ground pedestal are available for purchase for buyers who wish to have freestanding mail chest. For customers looking mount more than one mail chest on a pedestal, USA Building Supplies offers a duo or tri-spreader which allows end users to mount either two or three locking mailboxes on a pedestal.

    Roadside Locking Pedestal Mailbox Overview

    USA Building Supplies is happy to introduce the Roadside locking pedestal mailbox. The Roadside mailbox is competitively priced locking individual mailbox. One unique feature of this single unit pedestal mailbox is that it has a customer access door on the front and rear of the mailbox. Like other single unit locking mailboxes this unit features a limited outgoing mail tray and the outgoing mail is not secure due to postal restrictions. The Roadside receptacle can be mounted on various mounting pedestals. Pedestals are available in concrete or ground mount. Standard pedestals have the ability to have an attachment of a spreader if multiple mailboxes are needed to be mounted on one pedestal. Recently, the factory released a new decorative deluxe pedestal which has proved to be popular with customers. Every Roadside mailbox comes standard with mailbox flag. Roadside mailboxes can also be ordered with an optional newspaper holder to make your receptacle more versatile. Roadside mailboxes are offered in black, green, silver, or white powder coat finish to help the receptacle in adverse weather conditions. Roadside mailboxes are typically a stock item and can ship within couple business days from your order date. USA Building Supplies experienced staff is ready to assist you in your roadside mailbox selection.