Are 4C Mailboxes the Superstar of Commercial Mailboxes?

4C mailboxCommercial mailbox representatives are often asked which receptacle is the best centralized mailbox in the marketplace. Different people will often respond with varying answers from cluster boxes units to 4C horizontal mailboxes. However, the most well thought out response to this question is 4C mailboxes because of their security, selection and versatility. Few commercial mailbox designs offer client the diverse option STD-4C mailboxes offers.

4C mailboxes offer all of the heightened security measures that the F Series cluster box units have and in fact are built with same materials and tenant locks. The heavy duty aircraft aluminum assures that your 4C mailbox will last in either indoor or outdoor environments. Unwanted visitors are discouraged from even attempting to break into to 4C receptacle and will usually move on to easier targets. Creative security measures like the anti-fish plate located in the interior of the outgoing mail compartment prevent the more persistent uninvited guests.

Sometimes, it is unfathomable to believe all of the different needs of commercial mailbox buyers. The 4C mailbox family of commercial receptacles does the best job of doing this in the industry. 4C mailbox resident doors, parcel lockers, and outgoing mail collection compartments can all be built larger to accommodate requests. This unique customization feature speaks to the vast selection of configurations one can have when shopping for a USPS-STD-4C mailbox. Commercial mailbox manufacturers offer a wide range of finish colors not seen often in the centralized delivery receptacle marketplace. Numerous door identification alternatives are available to clients who wish to further distinguish their 4C mailbox.

Versatility is the middle name for 4C mailboxes. 4C horizontal mailboxes can be recessed, surface, or pedestal mounted allowing the end user multiple installation alternatives. The most common mounting method for STD-4C mailboxes is recessing the receptacle into a wall or kiosk. The replacement mailbox marketplace spurred the need for a surface mount 4C horizontal mailbox so commercial mailbox manufacturers responded with a heavy duty surface mount conversion collar to make this happen. The rigid standards of the F Series cluster box units precipitated the development of 4c pedestal mailboxes. This pedestal mailbox is quickly becoming a preferred choice for clients across the USA.

Superstars are hard to come in almost any walk of life. However, the 4C mailbox is rapidly becoming that in the commercial mailbox industry. One supplier, USA Building Supplies is offering clients the customer service and selection this commercial mailbox deserves.

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