4C Mailbox Buyers Guide

The multi-family building you have been constructing is nearing completion, and you realize that you need to order commercial mail receptacles for the new residents. Quickly, you reference the architectural drawings and specifications for the project and realize that 4C horizontal mailboxmailboxes were a detail that got passed over.  Upon learning that the mail receptacles were not in the plans or specifications the realization hits that the postal specialties just became your responsibility if you want to complete the project on schedule.  Swiftly, you make a trip to the local post office for guidance on commercial mailbox options and suppliers. Naturally, your next steps is to research the centralized mail receptacle suppliers online and then start to make phone calls to learn more about commercial mailboxes and how they relate to your project.  After speaking to handful of suppliers it becomes apparent that because you plan on recess mounting the mail receptacles in the apartment lobby and that 4C horizontal mailboxes are the product you need. One experienced representative at USA Building Supplies provides you with quick checklist to perform before you purchase 4C mailboxes which includes the following guidelines.

  • Determine how many mailboxes compartments are required for your building – When putting together your counts it is important to not only count the total amount of residents but also commercial tenants if the building is to be mixed use, or for a leasing office, resident’s association, and anyone else who may need a mailbox.

  • Decide if any of the tenants will require larger than standard size mailbox compartments – Commercial tenants, associations and others often receive more mail than the typical residents, therefore it is important to communicate this requirement in the planning stage.

  • Determine if there are any special requirements needed for outgoing mail and parcel deliveries – 4C horizontal mailbox modules all have a standard outgoing mail compartment built into each module. Typically this size outgoing mail compartment is sufficient for most clients, however the commercial mailbox manufacturer often can make a larger outgoing mail compartment if needed. Furthermore, recently the USPS has certified one commercial mailbox manufacturer to build a hopper door 4C mailbox outgoing mailbox module for situations that have high volume outgoing mail requirements. Parcel lockers for 4C mailboxes are built into the cabinets and per USPS regulation STD-4C installations are required to have a minimum of one parcel lockers for every ten residents. In addition, parcel lockers can be built in different sizes to accommodate end use applications. It is important to communicate anything unique in regards to package lockers or outgoing mail before your purchase your 4C horizontal mailboxes.

  •  Determine the linear width of wall space available – The wall space will determine whether or not you can fit the 4C mailbox modules required into to the location you desire. Many times more than one wall is necessary to fit all of the 4C horizontal mailbox cabinets.

  • Communicate the type of complex you are building to your supplier sales representative4C mailbox modules come in many different sets of pre-configured cabinet heights for a multitude of reasons. Often when assisting potential customers the commercial mailbox representative will start with the tallest 4C mailbox cabinet set to maximize the use of wall space and cost. However, this configuration philosophy is not always best for 4C horizontal configurations because of ADA requirements and senior housing complexes tend to prefer shorter 4C mailbox modules to eliminate reaching. 

  • Decide on the 4C mailbox door identification – 4C mailboxes can have the mailbox doors identified in numerous ways which designates the end user for that particular mail receptacle compartment. The most common ways to identify 4C mailbox doors is metal decals, custom engraving, or black filled engraving.

  • Determine the finish for your 4C horizontal mailboxes – 4C mailboxes are available in the marketplace in an assortment of different finishes. Most commercial mailbox suppliers will be happy to send out color samples upon you request.

Information is Powerful

Once the above criteria for your 4C mailbox project have been determined you will be armed with necessary information needed to receive shop drawings and a detailed quote from your chosen commercial mailbox supplier. Typically most suppliers do not charge potential customers for these services.  Hopefully, this makes you 4C horizontal mailbox process easier and more enjoyable.

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