4C Mailboxes Continue to Spread Their Wings

Few products have seen a growth spurt as the 4C horizontal mailbox offering across the commercial mailbox industry. The growth spurt has been through product extensions including installation styles, more pre-configured mail receptacle modules, 4C horizontal mail receptacleand additional customization options. The installation style additions are the addition of surface, pedestal, and kiosk mounting alternatives to the already existing recessed option. Additional pre-configured modules have been added to accommodate customer requests for more preset cabinets to choose from. Many these prepackaged configurations have added larger tenant doors and more parcel lockers to the already existing 4C horizontal mail receptacle offerings. Custom options that have been recently added to many of the 4C compliant mailboxes in the marketplace include more tenant, parcel locker, outgoing mail compartment doors sizes, alternate door identification options, and additional powder coat finish choices.

4C Pedestal Mailbox is the Industry Wild Card

4C pedestal mailboxThe growth of the whole category of 4C horizontal mailboxes continues to be unprecedented in the commercial mailbox industry. The 4C pedestal mailbox in the whole spectrum of 4C related products continues its remarkable growth despite having the USPS certification barrier to deal with, which makes it an industry wild card so to speak. The primary reason the USPS Approval barrier remains is the cluster box unit licensing agreement previously in place with the commercial mail receptacle manufacturers. This agreement provides the U.S. Postal Service a royalty for all commercial cluster box unit sales along with patent ownership rights. Despite this licensing agreement, the 4C pedestal mailbox brings the general public what it wants in terms of more pre-configured pedestal mailboxes, and additional customization options while still providing the security and durability to the marketplace. Most centralized mailbox industry insiders believe that sooner or later a compromise will need to be reached between the major players in the industry to make the 4C pedestal mailbox an unparalleled success.

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