Anti-Fatigue Mat Buying Pointers

anti-fatigue matSuppliers like Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies offer such a wide variety of anti-fatigue mats that it is easy to be overwhelmed by choices. Often, buyers of different facility products just want a little guidance to help assure them that they are making the correct decisions. Industrial mats although rather simple products are offered in many different variations; therefore we have provided anti-fatigue mat buyers a quick checklist to help ensure they are getting the proper product.

  • Floor mat environment – It is important to take a mental inventory of the surroundings of the eventual end user of the floor mat you decide to purchase. Industrial mats typically are segmented out by suppliers for dry settings or both dry and wet areas. Buyers that make this distinction before they buy their anti-fatigue mat are typically happier with their purchase.

  • Anti-fatigue mat size – Doing your homework before you purchase an industrial mat is always a good idea. It is always good idea for buyers to fully investigate floor space needed for the floor mat you intend to purchase. Some other factors to consider is whether stock size will be sufficient versus custom cut floor mat is needed which typically more expensive.

  • Industrial anti-fatigue mat colors – Most anti-fatigue are offered in a handful or so colors which is typically enough for typical buyers. Some potential buyers want safety colored bordered anti-fatigue mats to provide caution statements in their facilities. Most suppliers usually carry some sort of selection of these safety mats in their product offerings with an array of sizes available as well.

  • Anti-fatigue mat thickness – The thickness of an anti-fatigue floor mat is usually in direct correlation to the buyers need for fatigue relief their workers. Anti-fatigue matting is generally offered in ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses somewhere in the mat supplier’s product line. The thickness of the mat more times than does often affect the pricing of the floor mat as well.

  • Fatigue mat surface – Often anti-fatigue mats have the surface of the top of the floor mat embossed with traction patterns to provide additional safety for your workers. Fast paced and or moist environments typically consider mats of this nature. Many times, safety mats with colored borders often have aggressive top surface traction patterns following along with the theme of that type of mat.


    Now that we have provided with a handy guide to purchasing you next ant-fatigue we hope you will be more comfortable making your next purchase. It should be noted that there additional buying considerations tips concerning anti-fatigue mats, however we have provided you with necessary information to empower the typical buyer. Suppliers like USA Building Supplies have staff on hand to provide with floor mat samples or assistance if required.

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