Benefits of Commercial Mailboxes

commercial mailboxPostal reform has been a hot topic in Congress over the past few years with the Postal Service losing money. One possible solution lawmakers have promoted is the mandatory installation of centralized mailboxes to replace the traditional residential mailboxes that require more stops for the mail carrier. In addition to reducing the number of delivery stops commercial mailboxes provide the end user and the Postal Service additional benefits as well.  Below we have highlighted the most common advantages sighted by the Postal Service and end users of commercial mailboxes.

  • Security – Commercial mailboxes offer the end user a more secure solution for their mail that the traditional residential mail receptacle. In fact, with the increased focus on mail security by the U.S. Postal Service the USPS has brought forth more secure commercial mailboxes such as cluster box units and 4C horizontal mailboxes. The enhanced security allows the Post Office’s customers to rest easy knowing their identity is protected and is great public relations for the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Locked Outgoing Mail – An often overlooked part of mail security is the outgoing mail the end user puts into their mail receptacle without thinking twice. However, with identity theft becoming more of an issue in the 21st Century unwanted visitors are often looking for those overlooked opportunities. Commercial mailboxes of all types including pedestal mailboxes, horizontal mailboxes, and other types of cluster mailboxes provide the end user the protection of locked outgoing mail.

  • Secure Package Delivery - Ecommerce has exploded over the past decade and chances are it will continue expand. The Postal Service and commercial mailbox industry executives have responded by making parcel lockers and integral part of their receptacle designs. This design especially apparent in the design of cluster box unit and 4C mailbox. Parcel lockers allow the mail carrier to deliver a package to the receptacle securely using the Postal Service’s unique captive lock delivery system.

  • Uniformed Appearance – By installing commercial mailboxes in your community you are virtually guaranteeing a better appearance structure for your neighborhood. We all know that often the developer and or homeowner’s association will specify certain type’s residential mailboxes required by residences but those rules get bent through the years when new receptacles need to be purchased. Commercial mailboxes allow the association to control the environment after the developer turns over the responsibility to them.

  • Community Gathering Area – Often communities comment on the importance of having an area where notices and ideas can be communicated and what could be a better spot than where the commercial mailboxes are located. Everyone needs to retrieve their mail therefore why not locate a message center nearby.

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