Cell Phone Cabinets, Laptop Lockers and Mail Sorters Provide Maximum Convenience for a Variety of Facilities

Supplier Offers Secure & Open Storage Solutions

Unique storage solutions are being offered by a Wisconsin based company USA Building Supplies in an effort to keep your organization and facility safe, organized, and efficient. Courthouses, companies, schools, and more are seeing the need for many of USA Building Supplies’ electronic device lockers. Corporations, governmental departments, day care centers and more are impressed with the modularity of USA Building Supplies’ open storage systems. These unique storage systems are a spin-off of USA Building Supplies core commercial mailbox product offerings and have proved to be a new revenue generating stream for the Wisconsin based corporation. Below are a few of the best sellers and an overview of the product groupings that USA Building Supplies’ management shared with us and are bringing the company additional profit streams.

  • Mail Sorters – USA Building Supplies offers an assortment of mail organizers that are traditionally used in mailrooms but are also used as literature organizers, document communication sorters, and other applications. Customers love the flexibility features these sort modules provide which include multiple mounting options, and the ability to remove shelves to increase the pocket opening size when needed. USA Building Supplies offer mail sorter modules in an assortment of colors which allows this open storage solution to be used in your office, lobby, or in warehouse operations areas because it will blend in virtually anywhere.
  • Wood Cubbies – Open storage solutions like wood cubbies are seen in use often in schools, day care centers, and other environments where accessible organization is vital and security is rarely an issue. Cubbies are offered by USA Building Supplies in four sizes and can be configured vertically or horizontally to set up an open storage solution that works best for your facility. Wood cubbies can be provided with or without shelves or wall hooks upon your demand. Design assistance is available by simply calling one USA Building Supplies wood cubby experts today and he or she will be happy to work with you until you are comfortable with the design solution.
  • Laptop Lockers – Organizations are realizing the importance of protecting their data more and more these days which why many feel at USA Building Supplies that their locking laptop product line is growing.Laptop cabinets are offered in various finishes and sizes to help meet the client requirements. Non-charging and charging laptop lockers is another choice the end user needs to decide on before purchasing one of these electronic device locker systems. Different locking systems are available for most of USA Building Supplies laptop lockers including cam and electronic locking devices.
  • Cell Phone Lockers – Cell Phone CabinetsUSA Building Supplies offers a complete line of locker configurations for cell phone cabinets that are commonly used to store phones as an added security measure for buildings. Cell phone cabinets can be ordered in different finishes and locking devices to accommodate your scenario. Custom configurations featuring mixed and oversize doors can be built which provides great versatility as electronic device sizes continue to change. Cell phone lockers can be installed on a wall, into a wall, or a cell phone cabinet free-standing enclosure can be ordered to provide you with limitless installation locations.
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