Cell Phone Locker Buyer’s Guide

Determine what Cell Phone Locker is Best

Cell phone lockers are a fast growing product line for many commercial mailbox dealers and related storage companies. Fortunately or unfortunately with growth in this day in age comes a wide variety of choices which is true with cell phone cabinets. How does a buyer who may not be as well informed as an industry pro narrow down the best cell phone locker for them?

The first step in researching for the right cell phone cabinet for your organization is to determine the installation location or locations where you plan to install your cell phone locker to determine wall space available. Once you have a handle on the wall space available you need to determine the approximate number of visitor compartments needed for each installation. After accomplishing a cell phone locker individual compartment count needed and wall space it would be wise to select a configuration that coincides with you wall space. The cell phone cabinet configuration from manufacturer to manufacturer will typically allow for some door size and depth options. Another factor to determine that goes hand in hand with your installation location is how you plan to mount your cell phone storage cabinet. Choose from either surface mounted cell phone lockers or recessed mount.

Next, it would advantageous for the cell phone locker buyer to consider the lock type he or she wants installed on the individual compartment doors. Generally speaking, cell phone cabinet doors are available in or some variamini storage lockertion of the following locking devices; keyed locks, combination locks, user defined locks, or hasps for customer provided padlocks. Cell phone lockers with keyed locks are the units in the most demand, due to their simplicity and cost. Keyed locked units can usually be master keyed or accessed through a master door to access the entire mini storage locker. Cell phone cabinets with combination locks are great for customers who do not want the hassle of key control. Cell phone storage lockers with user defined locks are ideal for environments that have high traffic with frequent users daily of the same locker, like a YMCA. A phone locker with hasps for individual doors was inspired by different educational facilities requesting that type of device, so the students could supply their own locks.

The final stage of cell phone locker selection typically involves finish selection and user door identification. Most cell phone cabinet manufacturers have a base finish with additional finishes available for an up charge. Door identification options typically include cardholder door identification, engraving, and other more decorative engraving options like black filled engraving.

Cell phone locker purchases can be a bit overwhelming for the novice buyer. However, a good website presentation will usually provide you the details mentioned earlier. One supplier, USA Building Supplies does a fantastic job of providing all the cell phone cabinet information at your fingertips.

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