Cluster Box Units, 4C Mailboxes, & Product Diversification Lead Company's Growth

Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies has been experiencing steady growth in recent years as a result of commercial mailbox industry changes and the company’s brisk but controlled product diversification program. Many commercial mail receptacle suppliers have experienced some sort of natural revenue spike as housing starts have started to rise and the transition from the neighborhood & delivery collection box unit, and vertical and horizontal mail receptacles for wall installations take hold in the marketplace. The transition to 21st Century mail receptacles was a result of more demanding postal requirements to reflect the current mail delivery needs. This coupled with the company's determined pursuit of additional product offerings has opened up more markets for the organization. It should be noted however that while management at USA Building Supplies has diligently moved forward with their vision, they have steadfastly maintained unparalleled customer service in an effort to maintain their reputation.

Cluster Box Units & 4C Horizontal Mailboxes Cost & Offer More

At the turn of the 21st Century the U.S. Postal Service and commercial mailbox industry leaders agreed that an overhaul of the current postal requirements for centralized mail receptacles was necessary. This resulted in the birth of outdoor cluster box units being the preferred method of cluster box unitsdelivery for outdoor pedestal mailboxes and 4C horizontal mailboxes for wall installation receptacles. Both types of centralized mail receptacles featured larger tenant doors, secure outgoing mail, mailbox cabinets with self- contained parcel lockers, and enhanced security coupled with great durability. These mail receptacle improvements have resulted in increased manufacturing costs which in turn have trickled down to additional consumer costs. The increased cost of the new commercial cluster mailboxes has provided consumers with enhanced protection from identity theft, remote package delivery, and a longer product life to name a few of the most obvious benefits.

Laptop & Cell Phone Lockers Were Natural Product Expansion Choices

laptop computer lockerAs the great recession began to take hold in late in the first decade of the 21st Century, executives at USA Building Supplies realized the need for aggressive product diversification due to decreased demand for commercial mailboxes because of significant reductions new construction projects. Fortunately, centralized mail receptacle manufacturers read the crystal ball through a similar perspective and provided a highly successful product line commonly referred to as cell phone storage lockers. Cell phone cabinets provided facilities manager’s protection from the enhanced capabilities of cell phones. In addition, cell phone lockers provided security by not permitting devices from entering sensitive areas in their building while still allowing the guest or employee with device security. Commercial mailbox manufacturers were able to make slight changes in their current product lines to meet this increased need for cell phone storage. If there ever was a win-win proposition in marketplace this was certainly one of these situations. Cell phone lockers opened additional doors into the electronic storage arena which eventually led USA Building Supplies to offer laptop storage lockers. Laptop computer lockers proved to be successful endeavor for USA Building Supplies. Corporation and government users flocked to the company’s new product offering. The success of cell phone and locking laptop cabinets helped fuel the expansion into other product lines for USA Building Supplies.

Expansion Into Mail & Document Centers Proved Successful

Product diversification typically bears the least resistance when companies move into areas where their product is already being used or in a closely related product classification. This is exactly the path management at USA Building Supplies chose for its next flurry of new product mailroom sorterofferings. In many applications commercial mail receptacles are used in corporate mailrooms. This got the brain trust at USA Building Supplies moving to offer a full line of mail sorters and related mailroom furniture. The results were stunning to company officials. In short time the mailroom sorter product line became one the company’s bestselling product categories. Look for more mail and shipping room products in the near future.

Customers Continue to Provide New Product Ideas to USA Building Supplies

USA Building Supplies is starting to receive more and more requests from potential customers and existing clients to add additional division 10 specialty items to round out their commercial mailbox product line. The company invested great time and expense and has recently unveiled additional products along these lines which include entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, commercial restroom hand dryers, apartment unit numbers, and more. All of this coupled with many of their products like anti-fatigue mats and restroom accessories having additional applications other than new construction have resulted unforeseen growth at USA Building Supplies. Company officials have already stated that additional product offerings are forthcoming to continue to move the company forward.

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