Cluster Box Units Preserve Security

Are Cluster Box Units the Wave of the Future?

USA Building Supplies is pleased to offer the four standard mailbox configurations for cluster box units. The recent news of the Postal Service and the U.S. government trying to mandate cluster box units for customers to assist the USPS in delivering the more cost effectively has made USA Building Supplies ponder the future of mail delivery.

Cluster Box UnitCan the cluster box unit save the USPS?

The cluster box unit offers many benefits to the USPS however it is doubtful the cluster box alone can save the Post Office. USA Building Supplies believes that the growth for the mail and package delivery industry lies in secure package delivery for customers due to online shopping trends. Unfortunately, the way the cluster box unit is currently engineered it only allows package delivery from the U.S. Postal Service. Currently, this an advantage for the USPS because they are able to provide secure package delivery to their customers, while options are limited for the other major parcel delivery companies like Fed Ex and UPS. However, the marketplace is changing right before our eyes as major manufacturers of commercial mailboxes have announced recently partnerships with start-up companies that are bringing electronic package delivery lockers to multi-family dwellings that accept deliveries for all delivery companies. Electronic package lockers are currently being marketed as amenity for residents in large multi-family buildings; however this could evolve as challenges for the Postal Service continue in their 21st century evolution as a delivery company.

Partnerships between the Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express and others may demand a cluster box unit that is delivery friendly for all delivery organizations.  The 4C horizontal mailbox design is likely to be affected by this industry development as well. USA Building Supplies’ management isn’t certain what the future holds for commercial mailboxes, however we do see possible mail bundling, secure package delivery and delivery company consolidation in the future. Stay informed with USA Building Supplies as the centralized mail delivery industry evolves.

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