Commercial Mailbox Resource is Often the Mail Carrier

Commercial mailboxes provide the letter carrier and Postal Service with a multitude of benefits but with those perks comes a resource responsibility brought upon them by the public. In addition to delivering the mail to the centralized mailboxes many times the mail carrier becomes a conduit to solve the homeowners association or other type of end user problems. While it is not an inherent responsibility of postal carrier to provide this assistance, they are often helpful because the Postal Service entity is pro centralized delivery. Examples of these letter carrier commercial mail receptacle assistance situations are plentiful and we will sight a few of these situations so you get a flavor of what proactive resource the mail carrier can be for the general public.

Letter Carriers are More Familiar

Mail carriers are delivering mail to many different types of pedestal mailboxes on their designated routes. At one location they may be delivering goods to neighborhood delivery and collection box units, and at another stop it may be a cluster box unit that is the postal commercial mail receptaclereceptacle. Naturally with all the different generations and variations of pedestal mailboxes in the field the end users often turn to the mail carrier if they have an issue with their commercial mail receptacle. In short, the general public looks to mail carrier as a specialized expert for centralized mailboxes. The mail carrier is often happy to help knowing that their experience is probably greater concerning commercial mailboxes than the end user. Issues concerning the pedestal mail receptacle usually center on replacement parts but that can be trickier than many end users think. First, the letter carrier tries to ascertain what type of pedestal mailbox is being used at the property and the manufacturer of the equipment. Second, the postal employee or receptacle end user will often contact a commercial mail receptacle supplier for help. Once an exchange of information has taken place and if the commercial mail receptacle representative cannot decipher the correct part for the pedestal mailbox, they may ask that digital photograph be taken to clarify the situation.

Commercial Mailbox Recommendations Require Neutral Stance

Another resource role the mail carrier plays in commercial mailboxes is recommending suppliers to prospective commercial mail receptacle buyers. Many times in the field the letter carrier is approached by a potential commercial mailbox buyer for supplier suggestion for the mailboxes they are delivering too. In these cases many times the mail carrier does some research and gets back to the person who inquires with several recommendations in an effort to remain neutral in the situation because they are government employee. This event can happen in many different situations including but limited to cluster box units, 4C horizontal mailboxes and vertical mailboxes.

USA Building Supplies Makes Sure It’s Hat is the Ring

Mail carriers and the U.S. Postal Service are often a forgotten resource and influencer of commercial mailboxes and many times are uncultivated by commercial mailbox suppliers. While the Postal Service and letter carrier cannot directly recommend suppliers they do often provide suggest lists of suppliers of cluster boxes, 4C mailboxes, vertical mailboxes and other types of commercial mailboxes. One company, USA Building Supplies has made a point of contact to the USPS district growth coordinators that often work in conjunction with the building developers, mail carriers, and suppliers to make sure the proper commercial mailboxes are being used in their area.

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