Commercial Mailbox Supplier USA Building Supplies Branches Out

USA Building Supplies, a Wisconsin based corporation has prided itself in continually looking forward into the future. The company’s core product line commercial mailboxes has experienced increased price and increased competition pressure whichcommercial mailbox has prompted company executives to restructure the company’s vision. Commercial mailboxes like cluster box units have started to be marketed by full line catalog companies that were previously not part of the centralized mailbox industry which has caused chaos in the industry. USA Building Supplies management team’s response has been to keep doing what they are doing being the premier commercial mailbox supplier in the country and expand their own product lines. The success of the strategy for the company has been startling.

Laptop Lockers, Cell Phone Lockers, Apartment Numbers & More Have Fueled New Business

USA Building Supplies moved fast to expand their product offerings. Quickly it was apparent they had struck gold with a couple new product lines which were a natural fit to their commercial mailbox product line. Cell phone lockers were the first significant line that spurred sales for USA Building Supplies. Another major offering that showing significant promise was non-charging and charging laptop lockers. Both cell phone and laptop cabinets shined due the increased emphasis on data security in the country. An additional product line that the company is seeing an uptick on orders is apartment numbers. Apartment or building numbers and letters as they are commonly called were a natural extension for USA Building Supplies due to their presence in with multi-family builders. Potential clients have raved about the selection of apartment numbers USA Building Supplies has to offer.

Additional Products are Forthcoming from USA Building Supplies

Company insiders say there is more to come in terms of diversification in years to come. Management hinted that corporation will look to expand their steel mail sorter product line that currently exists and a wide range of material handling products. In addition, company management has stress the importance of controlling their growth to make sure they can still provide customers the quality service they are looking for.

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