Division 10550 Postal Specialties Cover a Wide Spectrum of Products

Construction projects often provide suppliers with a set of specifications and plans for the products that they need and ask them to respond accordingly. Postal specialties are a specialty group of mail and package distribution products often classified as division 10mail slots product and more specifically called division 10550 postal specialties. Most contractors and suppliers naturally think of commercial mailboxes when they think of postal specialties. However, it should be noted postal specialties is a much more general term these days and could encompasses any of the following products.

  • Package drop boxes

  • Key keepers

  • Key control cabinets

  • Commercial mailboxespackage drop box

  • Package delivery lockers

  • Parcel lockers

  • Mail slots

  • Payment drop boxes

  • Collection boxes

Above is just a general list of what today is being classified as postal specialty. Typically, suppliers of commercial mailboxes carry lines of related products that include many of the items listed above. Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies carries a full offering of postal specialty items along with a host of other division 10 and related amenity products to make them a one stop shop for many general contractors as they are winding up their construction project.

Specialized Assistance is Available at USA Building Supplies

Postal specialties are highly likely to represent a small percentage of the products purchased by the general contractor for a given construction project. Because these products are a small portion of the overall project but are vitally necessary to comply with building codes, assistance is often necessary. This specialized assistance is also necessary because many times the postal specialties and related division 10 products are not a major focus of the architect when putting together the plans or specification for the proposed building project in the early stages of the project. This is where a company like USA Building Supplies experienced staff comes in handy in making sure you get the right products while remaining in line with your budgets as the project nears completion.

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