Facility Managers Adding Cell Phone Lockers to Protect Assets

mini storage lockerAll across the United States, facility managers are realizing sometimes the best protection for their organizations assets is to address the situation before the building visitors enter restricted areas in their buildings. The increasingly less than secure situation we are speaking about here is how best to handle the cell phones of company guests, so proprietary information doesn’t walk out the door with the less than scrupulous guests when he or she leaves. One Wisconsin based company USA Building Supplies has been helping facility supervisors from coast to coast with their creatively designed cell phone lockers. Cell phone storage cabinets allow your guests to store their cell phone securely, therefore knowing that their device is safe and protects the building or company owner from visitors from taking photos or video of things the organization would just prefer to remain private.

Cell Phone Storage Lockers Provide Different Options for Different Situations

One would think that purchasing cell phone lockers would be a rather straightforward process. Unfortunately, like many things there are more than a couple things to consider before purchasing these small lockers. The first vital factor to think through before buying a cell phone storage cabinet is the capacity needed for the area in which you plan to install the unit. When the term capacity is used here we are referring to how many cell phone compartments will you need to store mobile phones. Once that issue is decided it is important to decide on the mounting style preferred for your mini storage lockers. Cell phone lockers are widely available in the marketplace in recessed, surface, and free-standing mount models. Next, it is important to determine the type of cell phone storage cabinet you desire. Cell phone lockers are available in essentially two different types; entry panel and fixed gate type units. The primary difference between the two types of mini storage lockers is that an entry panel unit allows the supervisor to access all of the compartments at one time whereas the fixed gate cabinet only allows the supervisor to gain access with a master to one guest compartment at a time. Another factor further complicating this small locker purchase of yours is that these days cell phones are available in an assortment of sizes. Cell phone lockers suppliers have addressed this situation by offering cabinets with various compartment sizes which many times can be mixed within one cell phone locker configuration. Most cell phone storage lockers are equipped with standard keyed locks however recently industry suppliers are beginning to offer more lock types like combination locks and user defined locks. Compartment doors on cell phone cabinets can be identified by engraving or cardholders to differentiate one user compartment from another. Finally, it is important for facility managers to consider the finish choice for their cell phone locker.

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