Laptop Locker Types for Different Purposes

charging laptop lockers

USA Building Supplies a newcomer to the laptop locker supplier arena has come forth with full line of cabinets to meet different end use situations. The company by offering this wide selection of locking laptop cabinets may have just hit a sweet spot in the marketplace. Revenues for the Wisconsin based company’s laptop locker category of products are clearly starting to prove this to be true. The assortment of the different laptop cabinets include non-charging and charging locked compartment storage lockers, and larger laptop cabinets that feature only master lock security for all of the electronic devices.

Non- Charging Locking Compartment Laptop Lockers

USA Building Supplies offers laptop lockers in group cabinets with individual locking compartments that are non-charging. The company offers these laptop cabinets in configurations of five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, elven, and twelve compartments which each compartment can be equipped with either a master keyed lock, hasp, or an electronic lock. Potential clients can also choose to have the laptop locker come with laminate top to provide them with an additional work surface and a storage drawer to keep related supplies at their fingertips. Laptop locker buyers also enjoy an assortment of finish choices to choose from.

Charging Laptop Lockers with Multiple Compartments within Each Cabinet

The Tek Stak line of charging laptop lockers is offered by USA Building Supplies in cabinets featuring five or ten compartments. Each charging laptop lockers allows the user to charge up to two devices at one time. Charging laptop cabinets have grown to be extremely popular in this arena of products because they allow organizations to secure their data and keep their devices ready for use practically at all times. In addition the charging laptop lockers provide the same additional options that the non-charging laptop cabinets’ offer in terms of finish, the ability have a laminate top and/or storage drawer, and be outfitted with different lock types.

Master Lock Laptop Cabinets

USA Building Supplies also carries larger capacity laptop cabinets that are primarily used for storage of electronic devices. Larger laptop cabinets offer laptop storage in individualized compartments but access can only be gained through a master lock which opens the entire cabinet. Large locking laptop storage cabinets that USA Building Supplies currently offers are non-charging and are good for situations when access is needed a limited of number of times during a day.

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