Payment Drop Box Styles

These days’ customers making payments want options whether be by paying online, via the mail, or in person using a payment drop box. The key ingredient for the organization receiving the payment is to provide a secure method of receiving the funds. While offering the ability to accept payment online gets all the attention these days, the simplicity of having payment collection box has proved more than beneficial for many organizations. One Wisconsin company, USA Building Supplies has seen a rapid uptick in their drop box and collection box product line which is at least partly due to payment drop box sales.  How does one go about finding the right collection box for their situation? Most start online viewing different website which are cluttered with information which makes it difficult to properly discern the best solution for you. Therefore, we have reviewed USA Building Supplies website to look at their payment drop box models to help you feel more comfortable before you make your next purchase.

Letter Boxes for Indoor Wall Installationsrent drop box

Letter boxes are typically used in postal applications for outgoing mail; however this product is many times utilized as rent drop box in indoor environments. Letter boxes can be recessed into a wall or wall mounted to a wall. Latter boxes can be engraved so end users know the purpose of the letter box. Letter boxes are offered in a variety of finishes.

Mail Slot, Sleeve, & Collection Box Provide Security Benefits

The mail slot, sleeve, and collection box combination is a great product when security is a paramount concern.  The mail slot mounts typically on the outside of the building with a sleeve or chute that attaches to it and then runs through the wall connecting to a locked collection box in the interior of that same building. Property management companies utilize this type of solution as a rent collection system frequently.  Buyers of this product love the security and peace of mind this product offers them.

Courier Drop Boxes Provide Capacity and Larger Article Deposit

The courier drop box is popular product that is often used as small a package drop box but can be used as a rent collection box as well. Occasionally, customers use the courier box for both purposes. The courier box is freestanding and features package hopper door with interior baffle plate for security to accommodate a variety of mail, documents, packages, and other items customers want to drop off and collect. The courier box provides more than ample storage for most client applications.

pedestal collection boxPedestal Collection Boxes Provide an Elevated Retrieval Door

The pedestal collection box is offered in two different sizes and features a concrete pedestal that lifts the collection box module eighteen inches off the ground. This feature proves to be beneficial in harsh climates. The hopper door with internal baffle plate provides security and allows for an assortment of articles to be dropped into the unit for collection. The pedestal collection box can be used indoors or outside.

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