Personal Storage Locker Revenues Grow at USA Building Supplies

Sometimes from adversity comes innovation and it could not be more true for commercial mailbox supplier USA Building Supplies. As the first decade came to a close in the 2000s the company experienced decreasing revenues in its core product line centralized mailboxespersonal storage locker and was looking for additional products to market because management felt the great recession was going to persist for a while.  In collaborative effort with its manufacturing partners USA Building Supplies launched its cell phone locker product line which was a spin-off of other small locker offerings in the marketplace. USA Building Supplies saw an opportunity with these small lockers due to the rapidly increasing usage of mobile electronic devices and their capabilities. Because of photo, video, and other features of cell phones, management at USA Building Supplies believed there would be a security need for storage of these mobile devices to protect building owner’s intellectual property and other assets from security breaches. This vision for mini storage lockers for cell phones was advantageous to the company’s revenues in a period of time that the company certainly needed the boost.

Small Lockers Offer Potential Clients Various Features and Benefits

mini storage lockerThe continued success of the personal storage lockers is due to the assortment of options cell phone cabinets offer. Units can be attached to a wall or recessed into a wall. Numerous finish options are available to potential customers to make sure they are happy with the appearance of the mini storage cabinet. In addition, most suppliers offer an assortment of different cabinet configurations to accommodate small and volume requirements. Cell phone lockers can also be purchased with different locking mechanisms for visitor storage compartments. Finally, the cell phone cabinet buyer can choose from a number of different door identification options which allows them to differentiate storage compartments from one another.

Cell Phone Locker Product Assistance is Available

USA Building Supplies representatives are ready in able to help you design the right cell phone cabinet configuration for your next project.  The experienced staff can quickly assemble you a quote and shop drawing free of charge. In addition, company representatives have indicated that color samples can be mailed out upon request.  After visiting with the company recently we came away knowing that USA Building Supplies’ is a premium source not only for commercial mailboxes but mini storage lockers as well.

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