Tek Stak Laptop Lockers Offer Another Option for Electronic Device Storage

We all know that in today’s world that a onetime solution could be virtually extinct tomorrow. Currently, there is a continual need in the marketplace for many different types of electronic device storage cabinets like cell phone cabinets, tablet lockers, laptop lockers to name a few. Cell phones, tablets and even laptop computers seem to be constantly changing in size; therefore the storage needs are also changing for these devices. In an effort to keep up the ever changing storage of electronic device market suppliers of these products have found it necessary to offer a wide range of products to adjust to the dynamic marketplace. Tek Stak laptop lockers offered by USA Building Supplies are one storage solution that will probably enjoy a long product life cycle due their compartment storage size, finish options, locking device alternatives, and the fact you can order either non-charging or charging laptop cabinets.

Laptop Locker Compartment Size & Charging Capabilitylaptop locker

The Tek Stak laptop locker features a spacious compartment size of 4”H x 16 ¾”W x 20 7/8”D which seems to accommodate most portable electronic phones, tablets, or computers. Each laptop locker is hinged at the bottom of the door which makes depositing or removing the electronic device easy. Laptop cabinets can be ordered with charging capability or without. Charging laptop lockers have the ability to charge two devices at once per compartment.

Tek Stak Laptop Cabinet Finishes

USA Building Supplies’ Tek Stak laptop lockers are offered in over fifteen different finish options. In addition, USA Building Supplies currently does not up charge for any of their different finish options.

Laptop Storage Locker Locking Devices

Tek Stak laptop storage lockers can be equipped with keyed locks, hasps for customer provided padlocks, or electronic locks for ultimate versatility. Keyed locks and hasp options typically fall in the same price range whereas electronic locks often mean a significant additional cost. Laptop locker buyers should be careful when weighing the different locking device alternatives to ensure they are picking the one that best suits them.

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