4C Horizontal Mailbox With 10 Occupant Doors & 4 Parcel Lockers

SKU: SY-3716D-10

4C Horizontal Mailbox Features & Specifications

4C horizontal mailboxes are U.S.P.S. Approved and meet USPS-STD-4C specifications. 4C horizontal mailboxes are required for wall installation mailboxes for new construction and major remodels. USPS-STD-4C regulation requires a one parcel locker for every ten tenant compartment ratio. STD-4C mailboxes are constructed of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware and are warranted for indoor or outdoor use. Doors include a heavy duty cam lock with a dust/rain shield and 3 keys. The "Outgoing Mail" compartment is equivalent to two 3-1/4' high standard doors and is used for outgoing mail collection & as a master access door. The outgoing mail compartment includes a 10-3/4" W x 3/4" H mail slot and weather protection hood. Units include factory installed 3/4" W x 1/4" D trim. All 4C modules are available in 4 powder coat colors.

  • Overall 4C cabinet size: 31 1/8""W x 57 1/8"H x 16 1/2"D
  • Optional surface mount enclosure is available for an extra charge
  • 4C horizontal mailbox has 10 incoming mail compartments which are 12 3/4"W x 3 ¼"H
  • Two 15 1/2"H & two 17 1/4"H package lockers (4 total parcel lockers in module)
  • Unit weight - 150 lbs.

Optional Features

Finish Option

(STANDARD) The finish for Post Office endorsed STD-4C mail receptacles is offered in four powder coat colors. The USPS-STD-4C mailbox finish is rated for indoor or outdoor use. Color chips are available at no charge upon request.

Door Id Option

(STANDARD) Custom placards are a usually used door identification option for USPS compliant STD-4C mailboxes. Each self-adhesive metal placard measures 1.75"W x 1.5"H x .025"D and can be personalized alpha-numerically to your requirements up to four characters.

(+$70.00) Custom engraved door identification for 4C horizontal mailboxes provides the buyer a permanent clean door identification option. The engraved characters on your compartment doors will show through in silver with this door identification alternative because the unit is built out of aluminum. Buyers can specify up to 4 engraved characters per 4C mailbox horizontal door at no extra charge.

(+$70.00) Custom black filled engraving enhances the appearance of your mailbox. Each high security STD-4C mail receptacle is engraved with the characters you indicate and then filled in with a black ink to emphasize the door identification.

Access Option

(STANDARD) USPS access indicates that the USPS-STD-4C mail receptacle will be dedicated for delivery of U.S. Mail by the Post Office carrier. Because the mailbox is going to be used for USPS delivery the outgoing mail door which doubles as the master entry door and parcel locker doors will come prepared to accept the postal arrow lock that the local USPS will install in the field upon your request.

(+$175.00) Private access indicates that the high security 4C mailbox will be used for a private application by the end users. In this case the USPS will not directly access the mailbox for delivery. A private access 4C mailbox will come with a private lock on the master access door and on the parcel locker(s) if applicable.

Load Type Option

(STANDARD) Front loading 4C mail receptacles refers to the side of the commercial mailbox which master access to all the compartments at one time is gained by the Postal Service if for USPS access or a private individual if for private access. The master door for the front loading USPS-STD-4C mail receptacle is gained through the outgoing mail compartment.

(+$675.00) Rear loading 4C horizontal mailboxes refers to the side of the centralized delivery mailbox which master access to all the compartments at one time is gained by the Post Office if for USPS access or a private individual if for private access. A rear loading 4C mailbox comes with a latching rear doors(s) on continuous hinge(s) that is not locking. Therefore, a secure room for mail delivery is required if for U.S. Mail delivery and advised if for private distribution.