Recessed Facial Tissue Dispenser - Large Capacity (Extra Deep)

SKU: AS-02594-SS
Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $80.00
4 4 $75.00
30 30 $0.00

Recessed Tissue Dispenser Large Capacity #AS-02594-SS

This American Specialties unit can hold up to 300 two-ply sheets or 600 single sheets. Its smooth and flat faceplate makes it easy to clean and sanitize. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth while cleaning to prevent scratching. The stainless steel finish will give your commercial restroom a clean, well maintained look. This easy to refill dispenser will complete your washroom needs. Being the large capacity option this model requires a bigger wall hole. Double check your current hole to make sure this model can fit before ordering.

Features & Specifications

  • Wall Opening - 11 3/8"W x 5 1/8"H x 4 1/8"D
  • Recessed mount
  • Visible surfaces are satin finish
  • Dispenses 300 two-ply sheets or 600 single sheets
  • Refilling the dispenser is as easy as removing the cover by pulling on the faceplate and disengaging the hooks from from the side wall clips and reloading with a supply box
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