Tabletop Mount Mail Master Sorter Module - 60 Pocket Openings

SKU: DM-SR3106

Optimize Your Mail Sorter Efficiency with the Right Options

Every company or organization is little different which why USA Building Supplies provides you with numerous options for their mail sorters. Mailmaster mail sorters can be tabletop or wall hung which allows you to effectively manage your space available. Closed and open back mail sorters provide a customer a choice of one or two side distribution and retrieval of the pocket contents. Mail sorter depth is available in letter or legal depth to provide additional customization for the potential clients. A wide range of mail sorter shell and shelf finishes are offered to give endless color combination alternatives. Finally, although a mail sorter option the USA Building Supplies mail sorter specialists do recommend getting, you have a choice whether to include label holders with your purchase to simplify your pocket identification.

Features & Specifications

  • Mail sorter size: 31 1/2"H x 74 3/4"W x 12 1/4"D (letter size) or 16 1/4" (legal size)
  • Mail master mail sorter steel shelves have a 90 degree 1/2" lip label area with center cut out
  • Legal and letter size units include one shelf (easily adjust in 1" increments) for every three inches providing 2 1/2" clearance between shelves
  • Exterior shell and vertical dividers are constructed of 3/4" 45-50 lb. substrate (particle board) for tabletop mail sorters with thermally fused finish and matching complimentary 3/8" PVC on exposed edges
  • Open back mail sorters have a 1/2" label area on the front and back of each shelf
  • Mail sorter weight for letter depth (12 1/4") is 280 lbs. whereas a legal depth (16 1/4") mail sorter weighs 340 lbs. (note- open back mail sorter may weigh slightly less)
  • Mail sorters can be stacked with a unit of equal depth and width 
  • Internal mail sorter housing hardware to hold shelves in place generally referred to as standards are painted black
  • Mail sorter depth can be purchased in letter size (12 1/4") or legal size (16 1/4") which allows a net opening for letter sorters of 11 1/4"W x 11 1/4"D or legal sorters of 11 1/4"W x 15 1/4"
  • Letter or legal size mail sorters have 54 shelves with 60 openings and weighs 280 lbs.
  • Mail sorter label holders are offered as an option and if needed will be provided in a quantity equal to the number of openings the mail sorter has
  • Allow for 3 to 4 weeks for production (high volume production times can increase lead-times)

Optional Features

Mail Sorter Overall Depth

(STANDARD) 12 1/4" (Letter size) depth is suitable for most customer applications

(+$170.00) 16 1/4" (Legal size) depth is for clients who desire additional storage space

Label Holder Option

(+$60.00) Label holders allow the end user to identify each pocket opening. If this option is selected the factory will provide the appropriate amount of  a clear plastic holders with double sided tape and a cardboard inserts to be used for marking to identify each opening.

Mail Sorter Type

(STANDARD) Closed back mail sorters are open on one side of the unit for document distribution and closed on the other side. This is the most common type of mail organizer in the marketplace.

(NO EXTRA COST) Open back mail sorters are open on both sides for document distribution. Pocket opening identification can be done on either or both sides of the organizer. Often, open back mail sorters are recessed into a wall by end users.

Finish for Sorter Shelves

(STANDARD) Finishes for sorter shelves are EPA tested and approved. The paint is solvent free and environmently sound. Color chips are available free of charge upon request.

Melamine Finish for Sorter Shell

(STANDARD) The interior and exterior of the sorter shell has a high quality decorative melamine finish which provides durability and appearance benefits. All exposed edges have a PVC commercial grade tape applied to finish off the unit which is color matched to the melamine finish.

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