Semi-Recessed Mount Dual Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser

SKU: AS-9031
Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $185.00
6 6 $180.00
25 25 $0.00

Features & Specifications

  • Rough opening: 6 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H x 3 3/8"D
  • Semi-recessed mount
  • Holds and dispenses two 5 1/4" diameter, 1800 sheet paper rolls
  • Cabinet, door, door frame, and dispensing mechanism guide tracks are fabricated of type 304 stainless steel alloy
  • Visible surfaces are satin finish
  • Internal levers are made of molded high impact resistant plastic for efficient operation
  • Door has 3/4" rounded vertical edges and is held closed with tumbler lock
  • Vandal resistant rollers are made of high impact resistant plastic with integral molded in plated steel end pins
  • Refilling instructions are indicated on a decal inside the door
  • Bottom roll is depleted before the top roll automatically drops into lower position for use
  • Empty rollers cannot be taken without key to unlock the door