13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Min Quantity Max Quantity Price
1 1 $2,650.00
2 2 $0.00

Cluster Box Units for All Seasons

Buyers shopping for a new pedestal mailbox typically want two overriding qualities which are performance and reliability in all weather conditions. The cluster box unit outperforms other outdoor pedestal mailboxes in the marketplace due larger tenant doors that lets flat mail lie flat, locked outgoing mail, and integrated parcel lockers that allow for secure package deliveries. Best of all cluster box units are endorsed by the United States Postal Service. F Series cluster box units also feature a sloping roof so water flows off of the unit during rainfall. In addition, the unit’s mail slot for outgoing mail is protected with an angle slot hood to prevent precipitation from entering the interior of your receptacle. The cluster box unit is backed by 5 year factory warranty therefore you can be confident in the reliability regardless of climate. Routine maintenance and cleaning is recommended to keep your commercial mailbox in tip top shape.

Features & Specifications

  • F Series and Regency Series Cluster mailboxes have cut down on mail theft and help bring costs down for the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Thirteen door cluster box has slightly taller compartments than eight, twelve, or sixteen door units.
  • Resident compartment size for this cluster box unit is 12"W x 4 7/8"H x 15"D.
  • Thirteen door cluster box has one parcel locker that is 12"W x 10"H x 15"W.
  • 13 door cluster box unit (Type IV) allows the postal carrier to enter through a master control door that also doubles as the outgoing mail compartment.
  • Factory installs all of tenant locks (3 keys provided) on the user doors prior to shipping.
  • Parcel locker will come equipped with a captive lock and will require the USPS to install their arrow lock for the release lock.
  • Outgoing mail will require the postal arrow lock once the unit arrives.
  • Stainless steel and aircraft aluminum construction which will allow for years of use.
  • Vandals and thieves will be discouraged when coming upon your mailbox due to the robust construction, anti-fish plate and minimal pry points
  • USA Building Supplies suggests contacting local postal officials before installing your mailbox to determine where you will install your new cluster box unit.
  • USA Building Supplies' cluster boxes are front entry for both the USPS and tenants.
  • Six attractive color choices are available.
  • Corresponding pedestal is incorporated into our pricing of cluster box units.

Optional Features

Finish Option

(NO CHARGE FOR DIFFERENT FINISH CHOICES) Finish choices are offered in six different powder coat finishes. The finish of the cluster box unit is rated for indoor or outdoor applications

Door Id Option

(STANDARD) Custom engraved placards are a commonly used door identification option for cluster box units. Each self-adhesive metal placard measures 1.75"W x 1.5"H x .025"D and can be customized alpha-numerically to your requirements up to four characters.

(+$70.00) Custom engraved door identification for cluster boxes offers the customer a permanent clean door identification option. The engraved characters on your compartment doors will be silver with this door identification option because the unit is manufactured from aluminum. Shoppers can specify up to 4 characters which can be numbers or letters.

(+$70.00) Custom black filled engraving adds a touch of class to your mailbox. Each cluster box unit door is engraved with the characters you specify and then filled in with a black ink to enhance the door identification.

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